What is the Full Form of MMC?

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What is the Full Form of MMC?
What is the Full Form of MMC?

The full form of MMC is Microsoft Management Console. Microsoft Management Console (MMC) constitutes a segment of Microsoft Windows, furnishing system administrators and proficient users with a platform to set up and oversee the system. 

Initially unveiled in 1998 through the Option Pack for Windows NT 4.0, it subsequently became an integral part of Windows 2000 and its consecutive editions.

What is MMC?

In Microsoft Windows, you have various methods to manage and look after your computer. One of these methods involves using a tool called Microsoft Management Console (MMC). This tool lets you adjust important settings and perform different tasks. When you use MMC, you can access various tools within Windows, such as Device Manager, as well as tools from other companies that collaborate with Windows.

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How to Launch MMC with Run Command?

To launch MMC using the Windows Run Command, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the Run program. 

Step 2: Enter “mmc” in the provided box and press Enter. 

Step 3: You must be logged in as an administrator to open MMC. 

Step 4: The Microsoft Management Console window will appear.

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How to Launch MMC with Command Prompt (CMD)?

For the Command Prompt, follow these steps:

Step 1:  In the search bar of the Start menu, enter cmd. 

Step 2: From the search outcomes, right-click on Command Prompt > Choose Run as Administrator. 

Step 3: Within the CMD console, input mmc and press Enter to initiate the Microsoft Management Console.

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How to Launch MMC Using Windows PowerShell?

Here’s how to start the MMC using PowerShell:  

Step 1: Type PowerShell in the search bar of the Start menu.

Step 2: Right-click on Windows PowerShell in the search outcomes. 

Step 3: Select Run as Administrator. 

Step 4: Within the PowerShell console, input mmc and hit Enter to open the Microsoft Management Console.

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