What is the ALT Full Form?

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The ALT full form is alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test. The ALT test is used to check liver damage. It is used to find out if there is any disease, injury, or drug that has damaged the liver. The main functions of a liver is to remove waste products and other toxins from the blood, make fluid called bile to help the body digest food, and produce proteins and cholesterol. Several diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis can damage the functioning of the liver. Hence, the ALT is conducted.

Significance of ALT

The ALT enzyme can be found in the liver. Small levels of ALT can be detected in the muscles, kidneys, liver, and the other organs. ALT is used to convert food into energy. Generally, ALT levels in the body are low. However, when the liver is damaged more ALT can be found. Often, ALT tests are prescribed by the doctor along with other liver tests.

Why Would a Doctor Order This Test?

ALT test is recommended by a doctor when a patient shows symptoms of a liver disease. Some of the symptoms of liver disease include: nausea,vomiting, stomach pain/swelling,  jaundice,weakness, dark-colored urine, itchy skin, etc .

How to Prepare for an ALT test?

To prepare for the ALT test an individual needs to stop eating or drinking for a few hours before the test. Moreover, the patient must tell the doctor about the supplements taken.

What do the results mean?

The ALT test results vary based on age,gender, health history, and other things. Generally ALT test results above 1,000 mean acute viral hepatitis, lack of blood flow to the liver,injuries from illegal drugs or toxins, among others.

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