What is the Full Form of TMC?

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what is the full form of TMC

There are many full forms of TMC. The most common full form is Trinamool Congress. India has seen the arrival and disbandment of many political parties since independence. All of these parties started with different motives serving different purposes. Some of them have been here till now and some of them have failed miserably. TMC political is one of the prevailing parties in the state of West Bengal. There are more full forms of TMC. Scroll to know. 

Trinamool Congress

Here is an overview of the TMC party, when it gets started, political contributions, and everything you should know. 

NameAll India Trinamool Congress (AITC)
Founded1 January 1998
FounderMamata Banerjee
State of InfluenceWest Bengal
National StatusThe third-largest party in India (by MPs)
Current RuleWest Bengal
LeaderMamata Banerjee (Chairperson)

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Thousand Million Cubic Feet

TMC ft stands for one thousand million cubic feet (or 1 billion cubic feet). It is a unit commonly used in India to measure the volume of water in reservoirs and rivers. People also know the abbreviations Tmc ft, TMC, and tmc as the other names. 

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Other Full Forms of TMC

As already mentioned above, there are many more full forms of TMC. Here are the rest of the full forms. 

  • In Medical- Tata Medical Center 
  • In Chat-  Thieves and Mercenaries in Congress
  • In Travel- Travel Management Company
  • In Biology- Transmembrane channel

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What is the meaning of the TMC of water?

The meaning of TMC of water is Thousand Million Cubic feet which is 1,000,000,000 = 109 = 1 billion.

What is the full form of TMC Road?

The full form of TMC road is the Traffic Message Channel (TMC). It is a way of delivering information about traffic and roads to motor drivers. 

What is the full form of TMC Hospital?

The full form of TMC in the hospital industry is Tata Memorial Centre.

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