What is the Full Form of BOB?

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bob full form

BOB full form is Bank of Baroda. It is an Indian-based public-sector bank, with headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat. After the State Bank of India, it is the second largest public sector bank in India. The scale of BOB can be determined by its wide range of customers at a number of 153 million. Moreover, its total business can amount to USD 218 billion (INR 1.7 lakh crore), along with a global network of a hundred overseas offices. 

Name Bank of Baroda
Shortform BOB 
Type of Bank Public Sector Bank 
Founded 1908
Industry Banking and Financial Services 
Number of Branches 8,546
Number of ATMs10,033
Website www.bankofbaroda.in

Services of Bank of Baroda (BOB)

In what matters does the Bank of Baroda or BOB service the people? These categories are mentioned in the list below. 

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Subsidiaries of BOB

A subsidiary is a company that comes under a holding company, in this case, BOB. So what are some of these companies that come under BOB? Check the same below. 

Name of Subsidiary
BOB Capital Markets (BOBCAPS)
Nainital Bank  
BOB Financial Solutions Limited
Baroda Asset Management India Limited
India First Life Insurance Company Limited
India Infradebt Limited
BOB (UK) Limited
Baroda Global Shared Services Ltd
Baroda UP Bank

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