Top 10 Famous Paintings of India

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India boasts a rich artistic heritage, with famous paintings that reflect its diverse culture and history. From the ancient Ajanta and Ellora cave paintings to Raja Ravi Varma’s iconic portraits, and modern works by artists like MF Husain, Indian art has evolved, blending tradition and innovation, capturing the essence of this vibrant nation. Explore the vibrant tapestry of Indian artistry as we unveil the Top 10 famous paintings of India that define our rich cultural heritage.

Tiller Of The Soil,Nandlal Bose

Tiller Of The Soil Nandlal Bose is one of the most famous paintings in India. You can know about the painting below.

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Nandalal’s Haripura poster skillfully depicts a farmer plowing a field with a charming folk art style. The Bengali signature ‘Nanda’ and red seal authenticate the artwork, reflecting the artist’s personal sensibilities.

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Bharat Mata, Abanindranath Tagore

Bharat Mata created by Abanindranath Tagore is another famous paintings made in India. You can know about the painting below

The story behind this image is that on one Diwali (the festival of lights), Haldankar caught a glimpse of his daughter in a gorgeous saree, holding a candle in one hand and shielding her face with her hands. The light glimmered through the gap between her fingers, creating a soft glow on her face.

Lady In The Moonlight Raja Ravi Verma

Lady In The Moonlight by Raja Ravi Verma is on of the most celebrated paintings of India. You can know about the painting below.

Lady in the Moonlight was commissioned by Ravi Varma in 1889 to be exhibited at the Mysore Palace, where several of his earlier paintings were already displayed and where more paintings were in the pipeline.

Magician, Gaganendranath Tagore

Magician made by the painter Gaganendranath Tagore is another much celebrated paintings of our country. Read about this painting below!

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This painting is a modern depiction of a magician. This painting is a modern representation of a magician. The artist used watercolor on paper. The artist liked to mix figures and architectural forms in his cubist paintings.

Women With Child, Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy was a well-known Bengali painter who used to use a lot of village people, especially Santhal women in her paintings. In this painting, we see a mother walking with her child, her hand gently placed on the child’s head. Jamini Roy’s style is characterized by sweeping, angular, and rounded lines and a muted color scheme.

Glow Of Hope – S L Haldankar

Glow Of Hope that was created by S L Haldankar is also a very famous painting that is related to the holy festival of Diwali. Read about this painting below!

   Source: Swadesi

According to the legend behind this painting, it all started one Diwali. Haldankar caught a glimpse of his beautiful daughter in a saree. She was holding a candle and her hands were over the flame. The light glimmered through the gap between her fingers, creating a soft glow on her face.

Three Women, Amrita Sher-Gill

Three Women is a beautiful painting created by Amrita Sher-Gill. Know about this painting below!

Source: Google Arts & Culture

The painting “Three Girls” is by the Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil. It was painted in 1935; Sher-Gil’s first work to be completed after her return to India in 1934 from Europe. Sometimes known as “Group of Three Girls,” it won the Gold Medal in the Bombay Art Society’s annual exhibition in 1937.

Mahisasura, Tyeb Mehta

Mahisasura that is created by Tyeb Mehta, is another painting that is very famous in India. You an find about this painting in the description below!

 Source: The Economic Times

Mehta is the creator of the renowned painting, ‘Mahishasura’. The Mahishasura series is a collection of paintings created by Mehta after he visited Shanti Niketan. He drew inspiration from the mythology of ancient times and the works of Hindu literature.

Bindu – S H Raza

Bindu made by S H Raza is also a very famous painting of our country. You can find out about this painting below!

Source: Indiearts

The ‘Bindu’ is one of the most famous symbols of S. H. Raza’s work and was used in many of his paintings during the last 30 years of his life.

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Self-Portrait – Rabindranath Tagore

Self-Portrait by Rabindranath Tagore is another celebrated painting that has gained much popularity. Check out the details below!

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This self-portrait shows the artist as an old bearded master of art, a man of knowledge and wisdom. It is a one-of-a-kind portrait of a genius.


Indian paintings hold great significance in the world of art and culture. They span a rich tapestry of styles, techniques, and themes, reflecting the country’s diverse history and traditions. From the intricate miniature paintings of the Mughal era to the vibrant colors of Tanjore art and the spiritual depictions of ancient cave murals, Indian art conveys a deep connection to spirituality, mythology, and daily life. It serves as a visual narrative of India’s heritage and cultural evolution. Moreover, Indian art has influenced and been influenced by global artistic trends, making it a vital part of the global artistic conversation, celebrating both tradition and innovation.

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