What is the Full Form of ISO? 

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ISO full form

The full form of ISO is International Organisation for Standardization. As the name suggests it is an international-level organization that sets standards and consists of representatives from the national standards organisation of various countries all around the globe. The name ISO has its root in the Greek word ‘isos’ which means equal signifying that if two things come at the same level then they must be represented equally. 

Founded on 23 February 1947 and headquartered in Geneva, it has offices in 162 countries. The roles and responsibilities of ISO include setting guidelines for various industries and businesses and publishing technical papers. 

History of ISO 

  • ISO was established in 1920 as ISA (International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations) but it was discontinued during World War 2 in 1942.
  • After the war, the proposal to set up ISO was again made by the UNSCC (United Nations Standards Coordinating Committee) as the international body for setting standards.
  • ISO has 3 official languages which include Russian, French and English (with Oxford Spelling).

Advantages of ISO

  • It becomes easy to provide training to the employees.
  • Problems can be detected easily and effective solutions are delivered.
  • Any process you opt for is analysed thoroughly, organised and communicated to employees while clearing their doubts.
  • Employees get to understand their company better.
  • Increases the involvement of the employees.
  • You have a better and more reliable view of your company.
  • Suppliers contribute more than just being partners.
  • A surge in connectivity.
  • A better understanding of the client’s needs.
  • Consumers become more loyal.

Some Popular ISO Standardisation Certificates

  • ISO 4217 – Meant for standardization of currency codes.
  • ISO 31000 – Provides a standard for risk management.
  • ISO 19011 – Provides rules for the audit management system.
  • ISO 10012 – Analyses Management System. 
  • ISO 9000 – Meant for standardization of quality Management.
  • ISO 14000 – Meant for standardization of environmental management.
  • ISO 2768-1 – Standard for general tolerance.
  • ISO 50001 – Standard for energy management.

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