What is the Full Form of VAS?

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The full form of VAS is value-added services in mobile. It refers to those services which are offered by telecom service providers to their customers. Moreover, VAS extends beyond the general essential services like data, SMS, and voice. It should be remembered that these services can be free or chargeable, depending on the service provider.

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What are VAS Services in Vodafone?

Here are a few VAS services that are offered by Vodafone for its customers:

  • Caller tunes & tones
  • Astrology
  • Profile tunes
  • Star talk
  • Vi services
  • Contests
  • Sports
  • Conference call
  • Name tunes

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What are VAS Benefits?

Here are a few advantages of value-added services: 

  • The primary objective of VAS or value-added services is to elevate the overall experience of customers.
  • VAS helps businesses to distinguish themselves from their competition in highly competitive markets.
  • By extending unique and innovative services, companies can strengthen their customer loyalty and improve relations. 
  • Businesses can offer both free and paid VAS which helps them to accommodate a diverse range of customers as well as generate revenue.

Categories of VAS

There are two primary categories of VAS:

  • Standalone VAS: As the name suggests, these are services that function independently and do not require pairing with other services. A great example of standalone VAS is SMS which can be offered independently of the voice calling service.
  • Non-standalone VAS: This type of service cannot operate on its own and thus, rely on other services to function properly. They are used to enhance existing services. 
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