Top 10 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Ramayana

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Facts about Ramayan

Ramayana followed by the Mahabharata is the second important religious text for Indians. It is a revered epic in Hinduism and tells the tale of Lord Rama. Though believed to be originally composed by Valmiki, the story has been retold by many, including Tulsi Das and Sant Eknath. With Ram mandir coming into existence it has become much more famous amongst all Indians. Although details may vary, the core narrative of Rama’s exile, Sita’s abduction, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil remain constant in every Ramayana version you read. The events are estimated to have occurred between the 4th and 5th century BC. Here we have covered the top Ramayana facts for you. So scroll up and get deeper into it. 

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Facts About Ramanyana 

Scroll your screen to learn everything about Ramayan Facts lesser known and interesting. 

Lord Ram Had an Elder Sister

Even before her four sons, Rani Kaushalya of Ayodhya gave birth to a gifted daughter, Shanta, during a visit by King Rompad and Queen Varshani Devi of Angdesh, Kaushalya’s sister. However, King Dashrath, moved by their struggles, offered his daughter Shanta in marriage to King Rompad, making her the princess of Angdesh.

Decoding Gayatri Mantra

While the Gayatri Mantra predates the Ramayana, appearing first in the Rigveda, there’s a fascinating fact that it is also found within the epic. By taking the first letter after every 1000 verses of the Ramayana’s 24,000 verses, you supposedly arrive at the 24-letter Gayatri Mantra, suggesting it captures the essence of the Ramayana.

Ram and Brother Incarnations

This Ramayana fact must be known to you by now that Lord Ram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Like Lord Rama, his brothers were also divine incarnations. Lakshmana is said to be the incarnation of Shesha, the celestial serpent Vishnu rests on. Bharata and Shatrughna, meanwhile, are believed to be avatars of Vishnu’s divine weapons – Bharata of the Panchajanya conch and Shatrughna of the Sudarshana Chakra.

The Name of the Forest of Exile

The heart of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita’s exile was the Dandakaranya forest, known for its dense darkness and danger. Home to many monsters of the era, the name Dandakaranya itself reflects its fearsome reputation. This vast region spanned parts of present-day Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. 

Symbol of Ravana

Ravana wasn’t just a powerful king; he was a maestro of the Veena. Well! There is more to his personality than just being a king and a brahman. His music was said to be so captivating that it inspired the creation of the cosmic dance, Shiva Tandava. This talent was so undeniable that it became the symbol of his flag, yet Ravana himself remained remarkably humble about his musical prowess.

The Death of Lakshman

Near the end of his life, Rama received a visit from Yama, the God of Death, requiring a private audience. Anyone interrupting faced death. Lakshmana, on guard duty, found himself in a terrible bind when the fiery sage Durvasa arrived demanding to see Rama. Fearing a curse on Ayodhya if he denied Durvasa, Lakshmana disobeyed Rama’s orders and entered the chamber, accepting his own death. 

Unable to bear the thought of causing Rama pain, he sought a solution from Sage Vashistha. Vashistha’s cryptic advice about “giving up something being its death” led Lakshmana to a heartbreaking decision. Rather than witness Rama suffer for him, Lakshmana chose to end his own life through Jalasamadhi, a ritual immersion in water. 

Hanuman Meeting Sita

During the search for Sita, while Sugriva dispatched his forces, Hanuman, a devotee of Ram remained aloof, judging it undignified for a prince to be so distraught over a woman. Rama, however, recognized the importance of Sita and strategically chose Hanuman for the southern search, hoping a direct encounter with Sita would awaken Hanuman’s understanding of her significance.

There is no Lakshman Rakha

This Ramayana fact always stunned people because it is very hard to believe there is no Lakshman Rekha. The most intriguing episode in the entire Ramayana story which we used to watch when we were kids, is the Laxman Rekha episode, in which Laxman draws a line around his hut in the forest. But this story is not mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana. 

Pushpak Vimana of Ram

There is scientific evidence of Ramayana’s Pushpak Vimana. Ancient Indian texts like the Ramayana and Puranas mention mythical flying vehicles called vimanas. There’s even a technical treatise, the Vaimanika Sastra by Maharishi Bharadwaja, that explains the mechanics. This text describes the Pushpaka Vimana’s ability to change size and details over 120 different vimanas supposedly used in the past. The Vaimanika Sastra even clears doubts about concepts like fuel, aeronautics, avionics, and metallurgy used in these aerial machines.

Rama Bridge is Similar to Adams Bridge

The Ramayana’s epic tale of Rama building a bridge to Lanka with his monkey army might have a surprising connection to reality. Well, we can say that this fact about Ramayana has scientific evidence. According to NASA (though some sources say this is a misconception), there’s a natural chain of limestone formations called Adam’s Bridge, linking India and Sri Lanka. This bridge aligns with the story’s location and could be a physical echo of the legendary bridge


What is the secret of Ramayana?

Urmila, Sita’s younger sister, and Lakhsman’s wife slept for 14 years so that Lakshman could stay awake all the 14 years protecting Ram and Sita.

What is special about Ramayana?

Ram is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu that make the Ramayana special and it is one of the two great Hindu epics after Mahabharata.

Who has seen Ramayana 16 times?

Kakbhusundi was able to see Ramayana 16 times because of his ability to time travel.

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