What is the Full Form of OTD?

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The full form of OTD is On-time Delivery. It is among the most important factors to measure the overall delivery efficiency of a company. OTD signifies the date range which is generally signified as X days before (early) and Y days after (late) the due date. For instance, if a particular order is due on 5 August, it would be considered on time if the order arrives any day between 2 August and 5 August. 

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Why is OTD Important?

Providing on-time delivery has multiple benefits for businesses such as:

  • It fosters better collaboration of businesses with their loyal customers.
  • OTD can attract new buyers while retaining the existing customers with ease.
  • This feature can build trust among buyers and make the company a preferred option among similar businesses, thus increasing sales.
  • OTD can also help in building a positive reputation of the company by meeting buyer’s expectations on time. 

What is the Full Form of OTD in Instagram?

On Instagram, the most common full form of OTD is On This Day. It is generally used to share stories or post on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, launch dates, and so on. Apart from this, OTD can be used to refer to On the Dot to refer to a specific time of the day. Although it is not as popular as the earlier mentioned full form, you can still use it every now and then, depending on the context of the conversation. 

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