What is the Full Form of ORVM?

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The full form of ORVM is ‘Outer rear-view mirrors.’  A driver has two eyes when driving, one is the Inside Rear-View Mirror (IRVM), and the other one is the ORVM. Traffic can happen anytime and anywhere, these mirrors act as a security check for drivers. These mirrors are installed at the outside of the vehicle for a better view of the back of the vehicles that pass by. 

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Uses of ORVM

These mirrors serve one of the major purposes of keeping a check on the traffic. However, the other purposes are as follows:-

Spotting vehicles- It can help you spot vehicles that are about to approach you from the sides or if you wish to give them a side.

Overtaking vehicles- If there is a vehicle on the highway that needs to overtake you and rush to their destination, through this mirror you can see them. 

Reduce Blind spots- The areas that cannot be covered by the rearview mirror are blind spots, but in these mirrors, the chance of blind spots is less. 

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How to Effectively Use ORVM?

  • Start by adjusting your blindspots and make sure that there is less area left for blindspots so that you know most of it is covered.
  • If you are in a parking area then there is more chance that you are going to park parallel to a car this is when the use of this mirror steps in. 
  • While reversing a car it is important to know who is coming from the back of your car or to know when to stop, and an ORVM is ideal to give you this information. 
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