What is the Full Form of AISSE?

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aisse full form

The full form of AISSE is All India Senior School Certificate Test (AISSCE). It is the final test that the CBSE holds at the end of every academic year. For undergraduate studies, entrance to colleges is based on the AISSCE test scores. The subjects covered by these board exams depend on the student’s stream of study after the tenth grade. The four most popular streams from which students select are medical, non-medical, business, and arts. The exam format and grades, however, stay the same throughout. The topics change. A student must retake the exam if they do not receive a passing grade.

Results from the AISSCE are used for admission to several colleges as well as scholarships at particular institutions. The Joint Employment Test, NEET, and other tests caused the board to stop the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern, therefore the test is currently given by the National Testing Agency. For this test, the following subjects are prerequisites: mathematics, science (physics, chemistry, biology), social science (history, geography, political science, economics), and any two languages (both official medium language and foreign/scheduled languages). 

Importance of AISSE 

Every student who wants to enrol in a college or other higher education facility must take the AISSCE exam. The significance of AISSCE according to CBSE is as follows:

Consistency: Since the AISSCE is the test that every student in the 12th grade is required to take, it provides the impression that the school’s curriculum is consistent. Children who frequently change schools do not lose academically because NCERT textbooks are used in all CBSE-affiliated schools. With a consistent and well-planned curriculum, assistance is also conveniently accessible. According to CBSE, students from affiliated and non-affiliated schools are eligible to take the AISSCE.

Compact Structure: The syllabus for the CBSE curriculum is clearly laid out and easy to follow. The fields are divided after the tenth grade to accommodate students in different streams. The NCERT textbooks used by CBSE are also excellently written. The key concepts are extensively covered. In addition, a variety of questions are available for applying what was learned in the chapters. In addition to the AISSCE, students also get prepared for competitive exams.

Discipline: When preparing for the AISSCE, students are unaware of the facial setting of the test, which adds to the element of surprise. It encourages students to learn more, cover all of their material, and be generally well-prepared.

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