10 Shocking Psychological Facts about Women You Must Know!

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The world wouldn’t be the same without women in it. Can you imagine a life without your mother, sister or wife in it? I’m sure it would look like your life is missing half a part. Women just like men as well as transgender and non-binary folks create a sense of balance in our ecosystem. Considering this, it would interest you to read about 10 shocking psychological facts about women you did not know. 

  • The fact that women are always the family’s primary caregiver is rooted in the social, cultural and biological evolution of the female gender over the period. 
  • Women have a higher sense of emotional intelligence.
  • Women are usually more aware of their emotions as they experience emotions more intensely and are eventually able to regulate them better over a period. 
  • Women prefer to respond in tend or befriend, rather than fight or flight to threat. 
  • Women are better at reading non-verbal cues and hence are more intuitive.
  • Men use the left side of their brain for processing information and problem solving while females use both the sides.
  • It is more likely for women to experience mental health issues like anxiety than men partly due to the extreme hormonal changes as well as social responsibilities.
  • The mood of a woman changes according to and is very much also dependent on the hormonal changes that she is going through.

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