What is the Full Form of NICSI?

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NICSI full form

The full form of NICSI is National Informatics Centre Services Inc. With a revenue of more than INR 1240 cr, NICSI is a significant IT company with a government-facing emphasis and more than 23 years of experience assisting government organisations by providing cutting-edge and affordable solutions for all of their increasing ICT demands.

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NIC is closely linked with the government in many facets of governance by constructing a nationwide cutting-edge ICT infrastructure and services for the Central Government, state governments, UT administrations, Districts, and other government organisations. 

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How NICSI Works?

It offers a wide range of services, including as the multi-gigabit national networks NICNET and NKN, national data centres, national clouds, pan-Indian virtualization infrastructure, command and control centres, multi-layered GIS-based platforms, domain registration, and webcast. The delivery of citizen-centric e-services depends on this. Nationwide Informatics Centre Services Inc. In order to provide and acquire IT solutions for NIC, MeiTy, Government, and Government Organisations’ e-governance projects (like Public Sector Undertakings), NICSI was established in 1995 as a section-8 (formerly section-25) company under the National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

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