Learn Sanskrit Online: 10 Best Free Courses to Apply in 2024

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Learn Sanskrit Online: Learning Sanskrit can be a joyful and illuminating experience for you if you aspire to be a language expert, historian, and spiritual seeker or teacher. After all, Sanskrit is not only known as the mother of many European languages but a historically and culturally significant ancient language. Not to mention the current shift of interest towards learning ancient languages on a global scale, Sanskrit has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand during the past few years. While with the advancement of technology; learning Sanskrit online free has become increasingly accessible to anyone and everyone. 

In this article, we will explore courses to learn Sanskrit online for free and consider applying for in 2024. Whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge of Sanskrit, these courses will help you enhance your proficiency.

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Best Resources to Learn Sanskrit Online Free Value 
Learnsanskrit.orgFree Sanskrit learning tools 
Central Sanskrit UniversityFree resources from a university
Learn Sanskrit OnlineBest for 1-1 lessons 
Chinmaya International Foundation: Easy Sanskrit CoursePaid certificate course for beginners 
Learn Sanskrit: UdemyPlenty of Sanskrit courses with certification
Open PathshalaBest for learning from a tutor 
Sanskrit TodayBest free sanskrit course with study material 
Little GuruGamification app
Language Trainers Best for hybrid learning 
ApnaCourse.com: Sanskrit for BeginnersBest for community learning (paid)

Learn Sanskrit Online Free: Overview 

Sanskrit is an ancient language that is the language of choice for several Hindu scriptures. Hence, there is a huge demand to learn Sanskrit online for free. However, learning Sanskrit can be difficult for those who are completely new to the language. Therefore, it is best to start learning by choosing a basic course that covers grammar and the alphabet.  Once, the learner has mastered the basics, it makes more sense to move to advanced level courses. Do note: Sanskrit is available in colleges and universities in India. There are plenty of online resources that well that a learner can check out.

Why You Should Learn Sanskrit Online?

It is not surprising that students often choose to avoid Sanskrit due to a lack of subjective knowledge. But imagine what it would be like to master a subject that is both easy to learn and fun at the same time, and act as a gateway to decode the mythical Sanskrit texts. So, whenever you are ready, just know that to learn Sanskrit online means you have the flexibility of time, no barriers of national boundaries, and ease of learning from home, to mention a few. 

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10 Best Resources to Learn Sanskrit Online Free

The online resources to learn Sanskrit consists of mostly open learning study materials. Apart from that, several websites like Udemy offer full-fledged courses. Do note that: certifications require a fee. Here we have provided a list of the 10 best resources to learn Sanskrit online free.


 learn Sanskrit online free

Credit: Learnsanskrit.org

The website Learnsanskrit.org is an excellent resource to learn Sanskrit online for free. The website provided enough content for a beginner to learn Sanskrit grammar; For example, word formation, appropriate ways to use participles, etc.  Additional tools such as Transliteration, Word generators, and sentence processors are also available.

DurationSelf paced
Certification Self-paced

Website: https://www.learnsanskrit.org/

Central Sanskrit University

 learn Sanskrit online free

Credit: Central Sanskrit University 

Central Sanskrit University is another open resource to learn Sanskrit online free. The website consists of video lessons divided into 120 lectures. However, the video lessons are meant for those who already have a knowledge of Hindi. The lessons are best for beginners wanting to learn from a university.

LevelBeginners-Intermediate learners 
Duration30 minutes (each video lessons)
Certification No

Website: https://www.sanskrit.nic.in/sanskrit_language_teaching.php#30

Learn Sanskrit Online

Learn Sanskrit Online: 7 Best Courses to Apply in 2024

Credit: Learn Sanskrit Online

The website is perfect for those looking to 1-1 Sanskrit lessons. However, the 1-1 lessons are available at a small fee. There are additional resources as well that can be used to learn Sanskrit online free. The lessons are available in a video format.. The website was founded by Vidyadhar Bhat,  a Sanskrit teacher and scholar. The site is perfect for beginners who want to improve their grammar.

DurationSelf paced 
Certification No
PriceINR 500 (~8 USD) per class (skype/zoom 1-1 classes)

Website: https://learnsanskritonline.com/lessons/introduction

Chinmaya International Foundation: Easy Sanskrit Course

Learn Sanskrit Online: 7 Best Courses to Apply in 2024

Credit: Chinmaya International Foundation

The Easy Sanskrit course provided by Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) is another great resource to learn Sanskrit online. The course is well structured for beginners and offers certification as well. The lessons are taught by Swami Ramakrishnananda, an expert Sanskrit teacher. Those who want to learn the Sanskrit grammar can take up this course. However, a minor fee is applicable.

DurationSelf paced 
Certification Yes
PriceINR 3000

Website: https://www.chinfo.org/home/course/easy-sanskrit-course-level-1-online-mode/22

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Learn Sanskrit: Udemy

 learn Sanskrit online free

Credit: Udemy

Udemy is another best resource to learn Sanskrit online free. A total of 145 well-structured courses are available on this website. Moreover, these courses offer certification as well. The classes are best for beginners and intermediate learners. However, the lessons are not exactly free.  Prices are applicable to take up this course.

LevelBeginner to intermediate 
DurationVaries on the basis of the course 
Certification Yes
PriceINR 389- INR 2,799 (depending on the course)

Website: https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?src=ukw&q=sanskrit

Open Pathshala

 learn Sanskrit online free

Credit: Open Pathshala

Open Pathshala is another best resource to learn Sanskrit online free. The website is perfect for those who want to learn the language from a tutor. The courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Although the registration is free, charges are applicable for the classes. Learners can gain credits for their participation and clear doubts from fellow learners and teachers online. The mobile app version makes it easier for anyone to learn the language.

LevelBeginners  to advanced 
DurationSelf paced 
Self-paced No
PriceINR 499 (Beginners)

Website: https://openpathshala.com/#op-course-list-block

Sanskrit Today

Credit: Sanskrit Today

Sanskrit today is one of the best platforms to learn Sanskrit online free. The courses are well structured for beginners. Moreover, personalized exams are conducted for self-assessment. The website offers notification about new courses and any questions regarding the courses can be asked in the community forum. Learners can be invited to the local events as well. Registration is mandatory to access the course materials.

Duration5 months for 1 course 
Certification No

Website: https://sanskrit.today/free-online-sanskrit-classes/

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Little Guru

Credit: Little Guru

Little Guru is another great website that can help beginners to learn Sanskrit for free. Its app version is available on Google Play. The Little Guru app offers gamification features, and quizzes to keep the learner engaged. The basic chapters are available for free but to advance to a higher level a small fee is needed,

DurationSelf paced 
Certification No
PriceFree for basic chapters


Language Trainers 

Credit: Language Trainers 

Language Trainers is another great website that can connect a learner with a tutor. Learners can learn directly from native qualified Sanskrit teachers. It is even possible to take hybrid lessons. Those who have a basic knowledge of Sanskrit can take the test, wait for the website to quote a price, pay the fees, and then start learning 

LevelBeginners and intermediate learners 
DurationSelf paced 
Certification Yes

Website: https://www.languagetrainers.com/sanskrit-courses.php/

ApnaCourse.com: Sanskrit for Beginners

Credit: Apnacourse.com

ApnaCourse.com is an excellent platform for beginners to learn Sanskrit online free. The course offers learning materials in audio and video formats. Moreover, presentations, documents, and quizzes are also available for the learners.  The drawback is that the website is not technically free. Prices are based on active Subscribers as of that moment. 

DurationSelf paced 
Certification No
Price0 – 100 (Free), 101 – 500 subscribers (INR 500)


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Best Sanskrit Colleges in India and Abroad

Apart from Learn Sanskrit Online courses, there are a few colleges abroad and in India that offer Sanskrit courses. So check the highlighted top Sanskrit Colleges in the world to build better knowledge.

S.No.Name of Colleges and UniversitiesLocation
1.Oxford UniversityUK
2.Maharishi University of ManagementUSA
3.University of SydneyAustralia
4.Lady Shri Ram College, DUNew Delhi
5.Presidency CollegeChennai
6.St. Xavier’s CollegeAhmedabad
7.IGNOUNew Delhi

5 Tips to Learn Sanskrit Online

Sanskrit is one of the best ancient languages. Here are some tips to keep in mind while learning the language online.

  • It is important to remove distractions when learning online. For example, smartphones (unless the student is learning from an app), gaming devices, etc. A distraction-free environment can help in learning faster.
  • Ask questions: It is important to ask questions to get clarification regarding the topic. 
  • Write down the weak points, and practice to improve in the next chapter/class
  • It is recommended to learn at least an hour a day. The reason is, that regular studies are proven to be more beneficial
  • It is best to start with websites that help a student to learn Sanskrit online for free. The paid content has better resources. Hence, once the student has learned the basics from a free website he/she can purchase a paid course.

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Is it possible to learn Sanskrit online?

Yes, it is possible to learn Sanskrit online. You can easily apply for a course on a website and learn basic grammar, word formation, and so on through the course. 

Where can I apply to learn Sanskrit for free?

There are many platforms where you can apply for a free Sanskrit course. However, Vyoma Samskrta Pathasala is one of the best websites to apply for a free online Sanskrit course.

Is it possible to learn Sanskrit in 1 year?

Yes, it is possible to learn Sanskrit online, in fact platforms are allowing you to learn Classic Sanskrit in less than 6 months. However, it may take more than 6 months to learn Vedic Sanskrit due to its difficulty level. 

How can I learn Sanskrit perfectly?

The best way to learn Sanskrit is to enroll in an online course. Next, the learner can use the preparation material provided to learn the language. It is also important to read and listen to Sanskrit. For example, Sanskrit news, text, video, and audio content. Using a Sanskrit dictionary can also help in understanding the language better.

Which platform is best for learning Sanskrit?

There are several online resources that can help a person to learn Sanskrit. This course can be paid for or for free. Among the free resources- Learnsanskrit.org offers the best study materials. Similarly, among the paid platforms, Language Trainers, and Chinmaya International Foundation: Easy Sanskrit Course is the best.

This was all about the Learn Sanskrit Online courses and the relevant information to give you a push. Stay in tune with Leverage Edu to explore study abroad opportunities and connect with our experts at 1800 572 000 to realize your abroad studies dream.

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