Did you Know These Psychological Facts About Your Crush?

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You ever see a person and fall in love, but the moment you meet someone better than them you turn your liking towards them. Watching someone online or in a movie and finding them very attractive is the most common phenomenon. And as Gen Z likes to call it simping over someone. What happens is when we have a crush on someone a stress and reward response is generated by the brain which makes us happy and like the feeling of having a crush on someone. Well! The title of the article has brought you here. So let’s directly hop on to the psychological facts about crushes and then specifically see different facts.

Psychological Facts About Crush

Read these psychological facts about your crush.

You Read Your Crush’s Name Everywhere

As per the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, once you know the name of someone probably a person you like, you tend to read their names more frequently. This is a cognitive-based frequency illusion. 

Limerence is the Name of Your Feeling for Crush

The feeling that you have for your crush is named Limerence. It means an obsessive infatuation with a specific person. 

Getting Text From Your Crush is Taking Cocaine

When you get a text from your love or someone you like, it lights the same cells of the brain as the active cells when cocaine is taken. 

You Can’t Lie to Your Crush

You can lie to your friends or family because you know what they would have to say, but you can’t lie to your crush because you do not want them to think of you as a liar. Your crush has an opinion that is of utmost importance to you that makes you not lie to them. 

Your Crush Has the Best Qualities

Or at least you will make an image of your crush in your mind which is ideal and loving. See that’s a psychological fact about crushes and loves that we think they are the perfect humans of the earth even if they are literal red flags. 

Your Carbon Copy is Your Crush

Yeah! You read that right! You are most likely to like someone who is ditto like you because that makes them vibe with you more than the usual people. This brings us to yet another fact about guys and girls, the more similar your crush is to you, the more chances are there that you will not last long. 

Crush is not Your Crush if You Know Them

This fact about a crush can be disheartening to read. A mysterious person is more likely to be your crush if it is just a crush thing. It is human nature that if they know someone they will not like them the same way that they have liked them when they were unaware of their nature. 

Crushes are Always People Close to You

Do you ever realize that you have a crush on someone you know slightly someone from your close friends list or maybe someone who is in close proximity to you? Yes, that is because familiarity breeds fondness, and simply being around someone can increase our feelings of closeness. 

You get Attracted to Your Crush Because of Their Scent

Smell plays a lot of role in building the character of someone. If the other persona has a body odor that you like, you will like them. 

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These are all the psychological facts about your crush that you should know. Now we will cover psychological facts about guys and girls separately. 

Crush Facts About Guys

All the girls and guys, gather around these are some of the psychological crush facts about guys.

  1. When guys like someone, they experience euphoria and ecstasy along with a rush of dopamine. 
  1. A crush can improve the mood and self-esteem of a guy if they notices that the efforts from the other end are equal or somewhere in between.
  1. If you are someone who thinks that guys fall for girls’ beauty, then you are not 100% right. Here’s an interesting fact about guys they also fall for the intelligence level of a girl. 
  1. What guy believes when they try to show their crush their liking is that they will start ignoring you to look cool. 
  1. Guys like to compete with other fellow guys who are interested in their crush similarly just to see who gets more attention.

7. When a guy has a crush on a girl or another guy, they will pay close attention to the details. 

8. Guys are misunderstood to be not shy around their crush, opposite to it, they are absolutely nervous around their crush. 

9. Guys also feel hurt and embarrassed if they are rejected for the proposal they did for the girls. This psychological fact about guys is hard to believe. Right?

10. The ideal move for some of the guys is to befriend their crush before letting them know that they are their crush. 

Crush Facts About Girls

The fact about crushes and loves is that they all know from the very beginning if they have to befriend the other person or they love them. Well! Either way, girls are not that difficult as opposed to the common myth about them. 

  1. If a girl is your crush then it will only last 4 months, if it extends it, then it is love not liking her. 
  1. When you like a girl you likely think she is out of your league but it is suggested that you go straight to her to express your feelings.

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  1. It is not much of a psychological fact but a rather well-known fact that people in love try to do everything to get the other person’s attention. Don’t do that with girls, they don’t always like it. 
  1. Girls often try to focus on the positive side of their crushes and ignore all the bad habits. 
  1. Crushes are an emotional roller coaster. 
  1. Girls usually fall for the smiles. It is the smile that makes girls fall more for their crush if they see them often. 
  1. Most beautiful girls are single. However, it is commonly believed that if a girl is beautiful she must already be in a relationship. 
  1. Girls closely pay attention to the things that you say or how you treat them in public areas. 
  1. People tend not to understand the non-verbal communication. A little stammering, pink cheeks, or shivering hands are some of the things that a girl does around their crush. 
  1. Women usually get more attracted to men if they see other women looking and smiling at them. 

These are all the psychological facts about love and crushes. 

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