15 Psychological Facts About Crush that Might Make You Blush

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Having a crush on someone can be one of the most embarrassing and thrilling situations in your life. It fills you with a lot of anxiety, daydreaming, and whatnot. You feel shy, awkward, and well, a lot of butterflies in your stomach. This is because the feeling comes with an emotional rollercoaster. What’s even more interesting is that people of all ages especially teenagers (read psychology facts about teenagers to learn more) can have a crush on someone. If you are ready to confront your feelings without shying away, here are 15 interesting psychology facts about crush. 

1. You are more likely to develop a crush on someone who resembles your parent. 

Psychology Facts About Crush

2. Having a crush on someone is an intense feeling which often distracts you from other tasks. 

3. You are more likely to experience a crush on an old friend or a colleague. 

4. There are higher chances of developing a crush on someone you already know. 

5. Love at first sight is true as so many people have experienced it once in their lifetime. 

6. Having a crush on someone fastens your heartbeat, makes you feel weak in the knees, and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. 

7. We tend to get attracted to people who have a similar personality or habits as ourselves. 

8. While men generally prefer feminine women, women too like to go for masculine men.

9. Having a crush on someone can be unhealthy if you let them be the centre of attention all the time. 

10.  You tend to feel dizzy around your crush due to adrenaline, the love hormone oxytocin, the neurotransmitter dopamine, and other hormones. 

11. Hormones often make us project the qualities we like in a person onto someone else with whom we have a crush. 

12. Having a crush on someone does not really mean that you are in love with them. Instead, it might suggest that you want to get closer to that person. 

13. The feeling of having a crush on someone makes you crave their presence and attention more and more. 

14. Having a crush on someone also makes you ignore their red flags early on. 

15. When we have a crush on someone, everything reminds us of them. This is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon which says that when you become aware of something, you start noticing it everywhere.  

Hope you enjoyed reading these psychology facts about crush. If you want to read more such interesting facts, you can visit our blog 10 Psychology Facts About Dreaming of Someone.

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