Psychology Facts About Studying Every Student Should Know 

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psychology facts about studying

Do you think psychology means you can get into the heads of people or read their faces? Well! It is one of the aspects of the subject but there is more to it. This subject helps in developing the mind in the direction that will enlighten you about people and their behavior. In this article, we will discuss some of the top psychology facts about studying that will help you in scoring well. 

Psychology Facts About Studying

Let’s begin the fact series with some of the amazing facts that every student should know. 

Breaking Rules When Advised Not To

Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing that you were told not to do? You should know you are not alone here in this. This is a psychological fact about studying when you are asked to study your mind tells you to do exactly the opposite of what you are told. The formula is scientifically known as reactance. 

Positive Reinforcement is a More Effective way to Change Behavior

This aligns with the concept of Reactance, where people tend to resist being controlled.

For example, if you want someone to stop using their phone at night, highlighting the negative consequences might not be as effective.

A more positive approach would be to emphasize the benefits of good sleep. By focusing on the positive outcome, people are more likely to be unconsciously motivated to follow the desired behavior.

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Cuteness Aggression is when you want to Squeeze Cute Things

Does it ever happen that you get a ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ pencil for you, and all you want to do is squeeze it so hard? Or maybe you draw something very cute that you want to hold it and squeeze? Now you the name for the same. There is a term for this thing and you are not alone in the world to love doing this. It is called ‘Cuteness Aggression.’

Foreign Languages Make You Stand ‘Above All’

As per a report by the University of Chicago, learning another language can make you more rational, empathetic, and less biased when making decisions. This is because you detach slightly from emotions while thinking in a non-native language. 

Do you know when your parents told you to sleep early and wake up early, it was all relevant. Getting enough sleep is crucial for memory improvement. 

The reason is that during sleep, your brain processes the information you receive throughout the day, consolidating it into long-term memory. So the next time your parents ask you to sleep, go and sleep!

Confidence can Come in Your way to Growth 

It is a double-edged sword. Confidence is a positive trait, but excessive self-confidence can hinder your growth. It might make you resistant to feedback, which is essential for improvement.

Classical Music for Memory is a Butter for Bread

Listening to classical music straight for 20 minutes can enhance your brain functions and memory. 

We are sure you did not know this psychological fact about studying. Studies suggest it increases dopamine levels and neural connectivity.

Air Pollution and Brain Health Are Dependent on Each Other

Air pollution is harmful not only to your lungs but also to your brain. People living in polluted areas have a smaller brain volume compared to those in cleaner environments.

And you thought it could only damage your lungs?

Stress is not Always Bad

While excessive stress can negatively impact your brain health, a moderate level of stress can actually be beneficial. It can motivate you and enhance your focus on completing tasks.

Do you know why because when you use all the cells of the brain it can increase the ability to make you remember.


Is psychology hard to study?

Acquiring a degree in Psychology can be a deal, however, it is all worth it when you have it with you.

Is psychology a good career?

If someone is smart enough to work hard and get into a good college, the make the best of their studies, then it is possible to have a good career in psychology.

Is psychology high-paying?

The average salary of a counseling psychologist in India can range from INR 3-8 lakhs per annum.

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These are all the psychological facts about studying. Hope you had a good time learning about these interesting facts. If you want to know more about topics like this, then visit our general knowledge page! Alternatively, you can also read our blog on general knowledge for competitive exams

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