Shaheed Sukhdev: Life, Death, and Freedom Struggle

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Shaheed Sukhdev

Sukhdev Thapar was one of India’s freedom fighters. He was one of the most respected revolutionaries in our country who fought for the independence of India from British rule. If you want to know more about this valorous hero of our Indian history, then you must definitely go through this blog!

Birth and Early Life

He was born on May 15th, 1907 in Naughara village, Ludhiana, Punjab. His father was Sri Ramlila Thapar. He was a small businessman. He passed away when Sukhdev was 3 years old. Since then, he grew p under the guardianship of his uncle Sri Achintran Thapar. His uncle was a prominent member of civil society, a freedom fighter, and a member of Arya Samaj

When Sukhdev was only 12 years old, his uncle was arrested by the British police for organizing an agitation against the Rowlatt Act. This incident led to a growing resentment of Sukhdev against the British authorities.  

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Role in the Freedom Fight

When his uncle was arrested for a second time in 1921 during the Non-Cooperation Movement, this was the final push that encouraged him to such an extent that he got determined to make the authorities pay for their deeds.

His involvement in the freedom struggle can be traced all the way through Lahore where he was studying at the National College which was the Centre of Nationalist Politics

During his college duration, he became a member of the Satyagraha League. This league was affiliated with the Indian National Congress. 

He at a later stage came in association with Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries. Together, they formed an Organisation which was called Hindustan Republican Association (HRA). 

In the year 1926, Naujawan Bharat Sabha was formed by them. But it wasn’t very late after when they were charged with the murder of Saunders. Still, they were fearless and defiant as they charged into the courts singing songs such as “Safaroshi ki tamanna ab humare dil mei hai”.

Soon after, they went on a hunger strike, and behind them, the entire nation rallied. 

But the courts convicted them and on March 23, 1931, Sukhdev along with Bhagat Singh and Rajguru, were hanged in Lahore jail. Henceforth, on this day, Shaheed Diwas is commemorated to honor their sacrifice. 

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