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first newspaper in India

In today’s digital age, where news is just a click away, it’s hard to imagine a time when printed newspapers were the main source of information. The concept of newspapers was introduced in India during the British colonial period. The first newspaper in India was the ‘Bengal Gazette’, also known as the ‘Calcutta General Advertiser’. It was a weekly newspaper published by James Augustus Hickey on January 29, 1780, in Calcutta (now Kolkata). The newspaper gained popularity for its coverage of local news, advertisement and literary content. Scroll down to know more about it in detail.

The Bengal Gazette and Its Role

The East India Company, which was ruling vast territories in the subcontinent, saw the need for a medium to disseminate information to a wider audience. It was James Augustus Hickey who started the first newspaper of the sub-continent in 1780. The newspaper became an inspiration for Indians to launch a newspaper of their own.

Hickey’s newspaper played an important role in the journalism field in India. It set a precedent for other publications to follow and laid the foundation for a vibrant press culture in the country. Hicky, himself acted as the paper’s writer, editor and publisher. 

  • He accused the East India Company of corruption and inefficiency, and he also targeted Governor-General Warren Hastings, accusing him of maladministration. He even charged Hastings’ wife with corruption, which resulted in him being sued for libel and sentenced to prison. 
  • Hicky, however, continued to publish his paper from jail and further accused Hastings and the company of corruption through his writings. This led to more lawsuits being filed against him. 
  • Later, the India Gazette, a rival paper funded by Hastings, began to circulate, and the Bengal Gazette could not compete. 
  • As a result, it soon went out of business and ceased publication on March 23, 1782.

The newspaper helped in spreading awareness about social issues, political developments and cultural events across the country. It became a platform for the masses to voice their opinions when they were oppressed.

After the success of the ‘Bengal Gazette’, the vernacular press started to flourish in different regions of India. Newspapers in regional languages began to cater to the diverse linguistic and cultural sectors of the country. 

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Other Newspapers

The advent of other newspapers became a powerful tool in the hands of freedom fighters during the independence movement. Publications like ‘Harijan’ by Mahatma Gandhi and ‘Swadesh Sevak’ by Bal Gangadhar Tilak played a significant role in mobilizing the masses against the British colonial rule.

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