Important Newspapers During Indian Freedom Struggle

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newspapers during the Indian freedom struggle

During the Indian freedom struggle, the development of the press became a source of spreading awareness, mobilizing public opinion and documenting the events of that historic time. Several newspapers emerged during this period, each with its unique perspective and contribution to the freedom movement. Are you curious about the various newspapers that played important roles during India’s struggle for independence? Here is a comprehensive list of newspapers during the Indian freedom struggle that served as the voice of the freedom fighters and helped influence public opinion.

List of Newspapers during Indian Freedom Struggle

Newspapers were not just mediums of information during the Indian freedom struggle but were powerful tools that fueled the fight for independence. Their role in spreading awareness, uniting the masses, voicing dissent, inspiring patriotism and propagating non-violence was invaluable in India’s journey towards liberation. Here is a comprehensive list of newspapers during the Indian freedom struggle – 

NameStarted in the YearFounderNewspaper/ Journal
Bengal Gazette1780James Augustus HickyEnglish newspaper
Samvad Kaumudi1819Ram Mohan RoyBengali weekly newspaper
Mirat-ul-Akbar1822Raja Ram Mohan RoyPersian language journal
Hindoo Patriot1853Madhusudan RayEnglish weekly
Rast Goftar1854Dadabhai NaorojiGujarati Newspaper
Som Prakash1858Ishwar Chandra VidyasagarWeekly newspaper
Indian Mirror1862Devendra Nath TagoreNewspaper
Amrita Bazar Patrika1868Motilal Ghosh and Sisir Kumar GhoshNewspaper
Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq1871Sir Syed Ahmed KhanJournal
Hindu1878G.S. Aiyar and Vir RaghavacharyaNewspaper
Kesari1881Bal Gangadhar TilakMarathi Newspaper
Sudharak1888B. V. Kamesvara Iyer at the request of Swami Vivekananda,Gopal Ganesh AgarkarNewspaper
Prabuddha Bharata1896,G. G. Narasimhacharya, B. R. Rajam Iyer, and P. AiyasamiEnglish monthly journal
Udbodhana1899Swami VivekanandaMagazine
Indian Opinion1903M. K GandhiNewspaper
Bande Mataram1905Aurobindo GhoshEnglish language newspaper
Bombay Chronicle1910Firoze Shah MehtaEnglish-language newspaper
Comrade1911Maulana Mohammad AliWeekly English newspaper
Al-Balagh1912Abul Kalam AzadUrdu weekly newspaper
Al-Hilal1912Abul Kalam AzadUrdu weekly newspaper
Pratap1913Ganesh Shankar VidyarthiHindi language newspaper
New India1914Annie BesantEnglish-language daily newspaper
Independent1919Motilal NehruNewspaper
Young India1919M. K GandhiWeekly journal
Mook Nayak1920B.R. AmbedkarMarathi weekly
Hindustan Times1924Sunder Singh LyallpuriEnglish daily newspaper
Nav Jeevan1929M. K GandhiWeekly newspaper
Harijan1932M. K GandhiWeekly journal
Free Hindustan1936Tarak Nath DasJournal
Hindustan Dainik1936M.M. MalviyaHindi newspaper

In conclusion, newspapers played an influential role in the Indian freedom struggle, acting as catalysts for change, unity and empowerment. The fearless journalism of these publications not only kept the flame of independence alive but also paved the way for a new era of democracy, journalism and self-governance in India.

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