Who Was The First Indian to Reach Antarctica?

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who was the first Indian to reach Antarctica

On January 9, 1982, LT. Ram Charan became the first Indian to reach Antarctica. A total of 21 men from India were expedited to Antarctica. This group was led by Dr Syed Zahur Qasim, Secretary of the Department of Environment and former director of NIO. This expedition stepped its name in Indian history. Afterwards, there have been more than 30 expeditions in Antarctica as of now. The National Centre of Antarctic and Ocean Research of India is the responsible authority for carrying out expeditions in Antarctica.

The Timeline of the Indian Antarctic Programme

Under the leadership of Dr S Z Qasim, it was the first expedition that carried a team of 21 members to Antarctica. 

1981The program was initiated with 21 members under Dr. S Z Qasim’s leadership
1981Negotiations over Antarctic research began
1981The expedition started from Goa on December 6 on the Marine Vessel Polar Circle
1982The troupe landed in Antarctica on January 9
1982Troupe returned to Goa on February 21, marking the end of the expedition

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Do you know?

Every year, Antarctica Day is celebrated on December 1 in order to bring to light the international cooperation to safeguard this continent. 

About the Indian Antarctica Programme 

The erstwhile Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi has shown immense support. 

Initiated1981 (First Indian Expedition)
Controlled byNational Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR)
MinistryMinistry of Earth Sciences
GovernmentGovernment of India
Global AcceptanceSigning of Antarctic Treaty (1983)
First Research BaseDakshin Gangotri (1983)
Current Main BaseMaitri (Established in 1989)
Newest BaseBharati (Commissioned in 2012, made from shipping containers)
Scientific Fields StudiedAtmospheric Sciences, Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Medical Sciences
Number of Antarctica Expeditions40 
Antarctic Treaty System AccessionAugust 1, 1983
Consultative Member StatusSeptember 12, 1983 (15th member)
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