What is the Full Form of HP?

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Full Form of HP

The full form of HP is Hewlett-Packard. With a focus on marketing, education, and healthcare, HP is an American global IT (Information Technology) company that provides services and products for people, small and medium-sized organizations, and major corporations. Alto, California, in the United States, is where its headquarters are. Hewlett-Packard’s logo is an italicized lowercase ‘hp’ enclosed in a circle. Enrique Lores is HP’s CEO as of this year.

History of HP

You can check out the history of HP below mentioned:

  • In 1939, Dave Packard and William Hewlett founded the HPcompany. In Palo Alto, California, they established this company in a garage.
  • An audio oscillator was the initial presentation. Apart from that, the business has kept growing and in 2013 rose to become the second-largest PC vendor globally.
  • In 2014, HP intended to divide into HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and HP Inc.
  • HPE for storage, corporate, networking, and business IT services.
  • HP Inc. was founded with a concentration on printing and personal computers and is known by the brand names HP and hp.
  • Today, a vast range of goods, including computer systems, scanners, printers, and storage devices, are produced and developed by HP Inc.

Popular Products of HP

Below mentioned is the list of some products mentioned by HP Brand:

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