What is the Full Form of FIFA?

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fifa full form

FIFA Full Form: FIFA is an acronym that stands for “Federation Internationale de Football Association” in French. It is known as the International Federation of Association Football in English.

FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) is the governing body of association football, futsal, and beach football on a global scale. FIFA was established on May 21, 1904, with the primary goal of improving football

FIFA has organised all major football competitions since 1930, including the FIFA World Cup for men, and the Women’s World Cup from 1991. FIFA is based in Zurich and is controlled by Swiss law. It has 211 member national associations. FIFA’s president as of July 2017 is Gianni Infantino.

Responsibilities of FIFA

  • FIFA is the worldwide governing body responsible for governing, managing, and promoting association football, futsal, and beach football. 
  • It is in charge of organising important football competitions such as the Football World Cup (FIFA World Cup) and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It has been organising the FIFA World Cup since 1930, and the Women’s World Cup since 1991.
  • Its purpose is to constantly develop football. 
  • FIFA also publishes a monthly magazine called FIFA 1904. It is available in print and as a free online version. 
  • In addition, FIFA maintains an independent Ethics Committee that investigates potential violations of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

FIFA World Championships

Amongst the top championships, there stand:

  • Women’s World Cup
  • World Cup
  • The Under-20 World Cup
  • The Under-20 Women’s World Cup
  • The Under-17 Women’s World Cup
  • Futsal World Cup
  • Beach Soccer World Cup, etc.

How Does FIFA Earn its Revenue?

FIFA’s bank balance is approximately $1.5 billion. Aside from sponsorships, the majority of its revenue comes from selling the rights to broadcast World Cup matches around the world.

Isn’t FIFA a charitable organisation? So, how does it manage to earn billions?

  • While earning billions, FIFA uses the majority of its profits to fund global development programmes. As a subsidy, it gives its members annual payments and periodical incentives.
  • The remainder is used to run its Zürich headquarters successfully and to pay its personnel, president, and executive committees.

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