Post Mauryan Period: Kingdoms, Cultures & Administration

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Post-Mauryan Period

Indian history is so old that we often find only fragments of it to join and form a narrative. The post-Mauryan period was one such period. The powerful Mauryan Empire had fallen and there were several small kingdoms rising to power in 187 BCE. The next powerful kingdom to come was that of the Guptas but there was some time between the fall of the Mauryas and the rise of the Guptas. This era is known as the post-Mauryan period. In this blog, we will explore the rulers who came to power in the post-Mauryan period.

Shunga Dynasty

The Shungas controlled the North-central and Eastern regions of India. They also had influence over the western regions of India which are a part of modern-day Pakistan. Their rule continued from 185 to 73 B.C.E. Also, Shungas established Patliputra as their capital. 

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The Sungas were succeeded by Kanvas in the Magadha region. They belonged to the Kanva dynasty and were also called Kanvayanas. Kavas had their rule for a short period of time between 72–28 BCE. The kingdom was established by Vasudev Kanva and the rulers who succeeded him were Bhumimitra, Narayana and Susarman respectively over the years. 

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The Satvahanas were the first of the Deccanse dynasties to have established rule in Southern India. According to some texts found in the Puranas, these rulers belonged to the Andhra jati. Their era was marked from the 1st century BCE or the 3rd century BCE. The exact time cannot be estimated due to differences in the Pauranic texts. They also extended their power over central and western India over time. 

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Shakas are also often referred to as Indo-Scythians or Indo-Sakas. They are believed to be nomadic Iranian people of Scythian descent. The rule of the Shaka Dynasty began with King Chashtana lasting somewhere between 11 to 52 years. There were three main rulers from this dynasty namely; King Chashtana, King Maues or Moga and Rudradaman I. The Shakas were finally defeated by the Satvahanas in 12 BC. 

Maratha Empire (1674-1818)Hoysala Dynasty
The Vijaynagar Empire (1336-1647) AD Pallava Dynasty
Khilji Dynasty (1290–1320)Lodi Dynasty
Morley-Minto ReformsYadava Dynasty
Kushan DynastyKakatiya Dynasty

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