3 Types of Lok Adalat in India

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3 Types of Lok Adalat in India

Lok Adalat as the name suggests is the Court of People. The cases or disputes pending in the court are compromised and solved at the Lok Adalat. Since Courts of India are bombarded with all kinds of cases throughout the year, lengthy, or tedious, the time taken to solve any case can exceed years. Therefore, Lok Adalat came into existence. Furthermore, this provides inexpensive justice to people in less time. It runs on Gandhian Principles and is one of the components of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Lok Adalat is a viable, economic, and efficient dispute settlement mode. There are three different Types of Lok Adalat. Scroll to know what these are and how they function!

1. National Lok Adalat

As the name suggests this type of Lok Adalat is a Court hearing that takes place a regular intervals throughout the nation and all the cases from the Supreme Court of India to Taluk levels are resolved. 

  • Moreover, it also means that in a day a huge number of cases are resolved. 
  • From the year 2015 onwards, the days are decided to solve any kind of case throughout the day. 

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2. State Lok Adalat

State Lok Adalats area also known as Regular Lok Adalats. These are further subdivided into four parts:

  • Continuous Lok Adalat: Cases are solved for a set number of days when the seatings are regular. 
  • Daily Lok Adalat: Moreover, this takes place on a daily basis. 
  • Mobile  Lok Adalat: A multi-utility van is set up and taken to different places to facilitate problem-solving. 
  • Mega Lok Adalat: In a day, all the courts have the Lok Adalat of a state. 

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3. Permanent Lok Adalat

Furthermore, all the cases that regard public utility services are taken care of by this types of Lok Adalat called the Permanent Lok Adalat. 

  • As per the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 which was amended in 2002, the Permanent Lok Adalat was born. 
  • Additionally, the cases solved at the Public Lok Adalat are matters of transport services of passengers or goods by air, roads, water, postal, telegraph, or telephone services. 
  • Moreover, the supply of power light or water to the public by any establishment, public conservancy, or sanitation, services in hospitals or pessaries and insurance services. 

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This is everything about the different types of Lok Adalat. For more content related to the different states of India, visit our Civics and Polity archives. 

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