What is the Full Form of CDM? 

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CDM full form

The full form of CDM is Cash Deposit Machine. The Cash Deposit Machine, like the ATM Machine, allows you to deposit money straight into your account using your bank account number, ATM Card, or Debit Card. CDM is a self-service terminal where cash payments and deposits can be made. This machine allows users to immediately credit their accounts without having to visit a bank. The transaction receipt also includes the most recent or current bank balance. One of the most amazing features of the Cash Deposit Machine is instant money credit into corresponding bank accounts, which is available every day of the week at any time.

Benefits of Cash Deposit Machine 

  • Save time by avoiding long queues at the bank.
  • No need to fill out the deposit slip.
  • There is no need to separate the denominations.
  • Receive credit in their bank account immediately.
  • They receive the transaction receipt as proof of the cash deposit.
  • As opposed to the traditional way, depositing through Cash Deposit Machine is quite simple and quick. 
  • The transaction is completed without the use of paper.

Some Important Points to Remember 

  • Make the transactions in private. Be wary of strangers seeking to strike up a conversation or suspicious movements of people near CDM.
  • Cover the PIN with your palm while you enter it.
  • Remove any stapler pins that may be present before placing money into the machine.
  • If the notes are rejected, remove the money from the machine.
  • Be careful to deposit funds within the account’s limits.
  • Make sure not to deposit more than the specified quantity of notes in a single transaction.
  • If the money is not disbursed or a deposit is not made into the account, notify the bank immediately.
  • When you’re ready to leave the CDM, press the “Cancel” button and wait for the welcome screen to display. Remember to bring your credit card, cash, and transaction slip.
  • Register your phone number or email address with the bank to receive CDM transaction alerts.

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