Welcome Ambesh! -Onboarding Our First Chief Marketing Officer🚀

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Hi folks, I am so excited to welcome Ambesh to the team as our first Chief Marketing Officer! Other than playing marketing and growth hack God @ Leverage, he will be closely working with me on streamlining each part of Customer Journey, bringing in great talent to come and work with us in the next phase of our evolution, and working on making “Culture”a truly differentiated moat for us.

Ambesh was the first Mentor on our marketplace all those years back, & I fondly remember him gifting me a book (with a lovely note) when I boarded the plane to Delhi to start Leverage in March 2017. Since then, we have spent hundreds of hours chatting about all things this mission, and I have deeply benefited from his advice always.

On behalf of Digvijay, Aman, Priyank, Rachit, Aditya, Paras & myself – I welcome Ambesh to what is going to be a lot of fun!

Love & Cheer,

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