Remembering Dadaji

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Today was my Baba’s (paternal grandfather) 13th death anniversary. Swagger of a man, as apparent in the picture, he used to work with the Army (in its Central Ordinance unit), then do two more part-time jobs, as an English Tutor and then as an Accountant to close the day.

Across these 3 jobs, he cycled 100 kms everyday. That was life. And yet, time for the family was taken out, & my Papa is always full of stories about him.  

He made sure I know how proud he is of his son / my father, every time we would go out on walks.

We used to play a lot of carrom together, both extremely competitive, “Ponga Pandit!” – he would exclaim at me so many times haha. I would hear about Mainpuri, to Agra, to Old Delhi, and always be in awe.

t’s time with both my granddads that made me fall in love with history, as well as be a wonderer about life psychology, about how “life indeed is too short” & making an impact out of the time you’ve got here is the best you can do with it.

Appreciating life, showing it the respect it deserves, is the simplest yet the most importance aspect of living. Thinking about that and more tonight as I remember him.

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