Results the game, Productivity the name

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At the end of every day, there is this one thing I always want my inner voice to say, and it just sets a beautiful calm set in: “I think I was was pretty productive today” Bam!

☝️ this reminded me of an old @pmarca essay I had bookmarked / here goes:… Had (what I then thought) some radical ideas💡

, but then I did pick some & they’ve been my friends forever..

2 favourites were:

✌️ working with a to-do list / I’ve played with lots of tools, recently transitioned from @Wunderlist to @MicrosoftToDo

✌️ getting out of the habit of answering email immediately, & focusing much more on “flow”

👉 Now practising “no calls too” (ref article) 💪

This is a 💎 from another referenced article:

“Structured Procrastination”


Wasn’t quite convinced re “keeping time completely free & unbooked” from the original @pmarca article / and it was interesting to see him do a 180-flip on that one in the revered @sriramk chat recently (image ref)..⭐

For me: Got to be a balance of “choke-by-calendar” & 🧠 -time

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