MBA in South Africa

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MBA in South Africa

When it comes to choosing a university for one of the most valued master’s degrees like an MBA, it is essential that students carefully choose the most suitable university if they wish to study abroad. Studying MBA includes a lot more than theoretical knowledge. It goes beyond business and management to personality development, the international business world and many requisite soft skills to build a career in management. To gain a strong ground in these factors, MBA in South Africa is a unique option that cannot be sneezed at. South Africa offers world-class business schools providing an array of MBA programs at affordable costs, multiple amenities, well-designed courses by experts, handsome job placements, and a unique experience. Read more about MBA in South Africa, top programs, fees, requirements and more. 

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Why Study MBA in South Africa?

Pursuing an MBA degree is an acclaimed way to enhance your career in any field. While the majority of options have been narrowed to business schools in Western countries, there are many places where MBA programs have bloomed and been developed. Let’s take a look at why you should study your MBA in South Africa:

  • With the increasing innovations in technology, design, and careers, South Africa is one of the many places where people focus intensely on innovations and start-up ideas that have taken local and international business effectively.
  • This has led to B-schools in South Africa deliver a holistic approach towards business under rigorous training which helps students gain knowledge, have essential business skills like leadership, negotiation, project management, networking, etc.
  • While studying for their MBA in South Africa, these students learn from the best faculty, become risk-takers, and many become self-employed due to the need for creative solutions in South Africa.
  • Apart from academics, student life in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ is considered comfortable and convenient. Students enjoy good accommodation facilities, public spaces, and multiple activities to rub elbows along with a serene and beautiful environment to escape for a while. 

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Requirements for MBA in South Africa

Apart from the other university-specific requirements, the following are the basic requirements that are considered eligible in South Africa. 

  • Students are required to submit scores of the GMATNMAT, or an entrance exam allotted by the business college/university.
  • Students must complete a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, or a postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, or any other equivalent Honours degree from a recognized institute.
  • Students require a working experience of 3-4 years (comprehensive resume required).
  • Students must be 25 years of age and above (might vary for different universities).
  • Applicants must submit an Essay or SOP and also attach 3 LORs.
  • Students must be proficient in the English language and provide necessary test scores like IELTS or TOEFL.

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Top Universities for MBA in South Africa

With a professional faculty, innovative technologies, and  many facilities, MBA in South Africa has its own unique experience. The following universities are globally acclaimed and have been ranked among the top universities in the world for Business Education. They provide academic and practical training following the curriculum for business studies. 

University QS Global Ranking 2021
University of Cape Town GSB#155
University of the Witwatersrand#201-250
University of Kwa-Zulu Natal#351-400
University of Stellenbosch BS#251–300
North-West University#501-601
University of Pretoria GIBS#601-800
UNISA – University of South Africa#800+
Nelson Mandela University Business School
University of the Free State
University of Limpopo 

How much does MBA cost in South Africa?

The cost of studying MBA in South Africa is considered much cheaper as compared to western countries. The average tuition fee might vary from each university but approximately ranges from 71,000 ZAR to 2,92,728 ZAR (INR 3,64,066- INR14,99,409). Apart from the fees, students can easily find accommodation around the university or on-campus which ranges from  4000 ZAR to 5000 ZAR (INR 20,503- 25,629). Other miscellaneous expenses including food and leisure can cost up to 6,000 ZAR (INR 30,761).


Since the master’s program is known to be the most expensive of other higher education qualifications, there are many available financial aids to study for an MBA in South Africa. Apart from the financial aid given by institutions, the following are the scholarships available for pursuing MBA in South Africa. 

Scholarship Amount
Forte Fellows ProgramPartial Funding
MTN Scholarships (University Of Capetown)Partial Funding
Education Future International Scholarship Partial Funding

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MBA in South Africa: Core Curriculum

To understand what subjects, skills, and topics are covered while pursuing an MBA in South Africa; it is important to know the core subjects covered in the curriculum designed by different universities. The following are the fundamental subjects that are elaborated on by different universities/ colleges in South Africa depending on their structure.

Analytical skillsData analysis 
Managerial economics 
Information management
Analytical methods and decision-making 
Business conditions analysis 
Management accounting and finance 
Research project/research methodology
Managerial statistics
Business Research
Functional SubjectsHuman resource management 
Strategic marketing
Marketing management 
Corporate strategy 
Operations management/strategic operations 
Supply chain management 
Governance and LawCorporate governance
Business law 
Social responsibility
Managing society and future 
Values-based leadership
Global OutlookInternational business
Emerging markets 
Soft skills DevelopmentBusiness communication 
Organizational behaviour 
Personal development 
People management/human capital management 
Leadership Change management 

Hope this blog helped you find your way around the various requirements and courses if you wish to pursue MBA in South Africa. If you require any assistance with application forms or composing your LOR or SOP, reach out to our team of experts at Leverage Edu who can help you with each step and ensure successful admission to your desired university. Sign up for a free session!

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    1. Hi, EVA!
      Every kind of MBA is worth it. For knowing top benefits of pursuing MANCOSA MBA reach us at 1800 57 2000!