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Business Quiz

Students nowadays are expected to know a lot of things and to our surprise, they are not disappointing anyone. The more we expect, the more they surprise us with their knowledge. This might be a reason why competitive exams are getting tougher day by day, especially the general knowledge part. Apart from Science, Socal Studies and Economics, current affairs, especially the ones related to the Business World are gaining popularity. If you are someone preparing for MBA entrance exams like CAT, NMAT, GMAT, etc. then you should definitely take this Business Quiz to test your knowledge!

Business Quiz Begins!

  1. In which city a National level business meet was organized by CPWD?
a. New Delhi b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata d. Chennai
  1. With which of the following company Vistara inked codeshare agreement?
a. Spice Jet b. Indigo
c. Lufthansa d. Jet Airways
  1. Which bank used “Net Safe Credit Card”?
a. HDFC b. Kotak Mahindra 
  1. Which of the companies has decided to change its health insurance policy so their LGBT employees can reap the benefits?
a. Infosys b. TCS
c. ITC d. HUL
  1. With which country has India signed MOC to strengthen their cooperation in the Steel sector?
a. Russia b. UK
c. America d. Japan
  1. With whom has BSNL partnered to let users connect to nearby WI-Fi Hotspot?
a. GPay b. Paytm
c. PhonePe d. Freecharge
  1. Which financial institution has launched a ‘green’ bond fund for central banks to promote green finance?
a. Bank for International Settlements b. Reserve Bank of India
c. World Bank d. Asian Development Bank
  1. Which Indian organization has discovered 30 reels of unedited footage on Mahatma Gandhi?
a. National Film Archive of India b. Niti Ayog
c. World Bank d. NFDC
  1. What is the name of the Family store owned by Sanjeev Goenka?
a. More b. Spencers
c. Big Bazaar d. DMart
  1. Which telecom company has topped in the April-June Quarter?
a. Airtel b. Vodafone
c. Jio d. BSNL

Apart from this Business Quiz, Can you Answer
these GK Questions for class 5 Kids?

  1. Which is the e-commerce portal that the Union Government is planning to launch for MSMEs for marketing and selling their products?
a. Bharat Craft b. Indian Craft
c. Crafty Craft d. Sales Craft
  1. Which company has launched a program of training 5000 Government employees?
a. Facebook b. Instagram
c. Microsoft India d. Google India
  1. Which among the below companies is the biggest snacks company in India?
a. Bikaner b. Haldiram
c. Parle d. Kurkure
  1. Which car has the tagline “Fun on the Run”?
a. Alto  b. Audi
c. i10 d. BMW
  1. Which company launched a Military Veterans Employment Program in partnership with DGR and AWPO?
a. Flipkart b. Netflix
c. Amazon d. Myntra
  1. Who is the CEO of the Federation of Indian Export Organization?
a. Ashwini Kumar b. Ajay Rathore
c. Dr. Ajay Sahai d. Ajay Mudgal
  1. Which company has launched its first artificial intelligence chip “Spring Hill”?
a. HP b. IBM
c. Intel Corp d. Lenovo
  1. Which company acquired a 49% stake in Kishore Biyani-led Future Coupons Ltd. recently?
a. Walmart b. AliExpress
c. Flipkart d. Amazon
  1. Which company has partnered with PayU to offer cardless EMI payment option to its customers?
a. MoneyTap b. ZestMoney
c. Paytm d. Baja Finserv
  1. SAARC was formed in which month and year?
a. December 1985 b. January 1987
c. October 1985 d. April 1995

Hope you are enjoying this Business Quiz,
checkout out exclusive GK Quiz after this!

  1. What is the full form of SIP, in the context of Mutual Funds?
a. Systematic Investment Plan b. Systematic Insurance Plan
c. Systematic Investment Policy d. SystemInvestment Plan
  1. TATA NANO’s project was shifted from Kolkata to which place?
a. Chennai b. Rajasthan
c. Gujarat d. Karnataka
  1. Which Airline has banned the use of single-use plastic on the flight from October 2019?
a. Go AIr b. Indigo
c. Spice Jet d. Air India
  1. Which company has signed MoU with the Bombay Stock Exchange to launch trading in Steel?
a. Steel Users Federation of India b. SAIL
c. JSW d. Steel Authority of India
  1. Which among these is not a subsidiary of RBI?
a. NABARD b. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited
c. SIDBI d. National Housing Bank

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  1. New Delhi
  2. Lufthansa
  3. HDFC
  4. TCS
  5. Japan
  6. Paytm
  7. Bank for International Settlements
  8. National Film Archive of India
  9. Spencers
  10. Jio
  11. Bharat Craft
  12. Microsoft India
  13. Haldiram
  14. Alto
  15. Amazon
  16. Dr. Ajay Sahai
  17. Intel Corp
  18. Amazon
  19. ZestMoney
  20. December 1985
  21. Systematic Investment Plan
  22. Gujarat
  23. Air India
  24. Steel Users Federation of India
  25. SIDBI

We hope this Business Quiz helped you revise some of the questions for the upcoming MBA entrance exams. If you need any help regarding courses, careers and universities abroad, let Leverage Edu be your helping hand, book a free career counselling session now!

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