Chemnitz University of Technology

Public University

Chemnitz, Germany

The Chemnitz University of Technology was established in 1836 in Chemnitz, Germany. Established as Royal Mercantile College, its main purpose was to provide a scientific and engineering base to the industrial revolution. During the revolution, few scholars learned and understood the demand for an en Read more




Highlights of Chemnitz University of Technology

  • There are approximately 1,500 employees in science, engineering and management, are present in Chemnitz University of Technology and hence called as the most important employers in the region.
  • The university has over 126 partner institutions in 39 countries including 19 members of the international university network Academic Consortium for the 21st Century (AC21).
  • A key research area 'Energy-efficient Production Processes' and  'Smart Systems and Materials' which receives the funding of more than $50 million from federal government.
  • There are total 2,930  international students enrolled in the university.
  • The UG;PG ratio of the university stands at 1:1.64
  • As a part of the new planning, the university has decided to reconstruct the ancient industrial building Alte Aktienspinnerei ('Old Spinning Mill') which will be served as the location for the Central University Library.

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