Study Abroad in Canada: Work and Study Permit Holders Have Extensive Hiring

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The lowest unemployment rate of just 5.96% in Canada for immigrants showcases the huge job opportunities for work and study permit holders.

Canada is set to raise the employment statistics in 2023. With its previous announcement by IRCC regarding work and study permit holders, international students can work more than 20 hours part-time. This allowed a huge proportion of international students to take up jobs in the top 4 essential industries. This has concluded in the employment of 150,000 immigrants in the month of January itself.


Advantage for Work and Study Permit Holders

Labour force engagement has increased hugely in the first month of 2023, especially from two categories. These are individuals between 25 to 54 and especially international students or Non-Permanent Residents (NPRs) with work and study permit. This is an after wave of the announcement by IRCC in 2022 that students can work more than 20 hours a week part-time. The huge response to the allowance has made Canada recover 126% of the lost jobs during the pandemic. NPRs have filled more than 79,000 jobs since the announcement in November 2022. Thus, international students have become a huge contributor to the employment section in Canada.

Industries For Work and Study Permit Holders

Almost all industries saw a huge increase in the number of NPRs joining in January. However, the maximum growth in jobs was witnessed by these 4 industries given below. 3.4% of the entire employment hike is seen from these categories. However, there are large vacancies still in these industries excluding retail trade.

Professional, scientific, and technical services10,349
Retail trade9,717
Accommodation and Food8,848
Healthcare and Social assistance7,742

Statistics of January Employment Gains

Canada has seen an almost 100% strength in economy from the NPRs holding work and study permit. The maximum growth has been seen in the retail industry with nearly 60,000 jobs filled. However, the transportation and warehousing industry has seen a major decrease of 17,000 jobs. Educational services have filled in 18,000 individuals and are still hiring for over 20,000 vacancies. Healthcare and social assistance have over 1,30,000 jobs yet to be filled by individuals. This industry is direly inviting people with work and study permit.

Thus, international students, who are greatly interested in working in great industries abroad while studying, can enter Canada because of its due support to them. It is an opportunity that has huge potential in changing the lives of international students entirely.

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