Study Abroad: UKVI Visa Check-in Here are Some Useful Latest Information

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Study Abroad: UKVI Visa Check-in Here are Some Useful Latest Information

There is some sigh of relief for the international students. International Students who are on visas attending regular check-ins are now exempted to few things, which are listed below-

  1. To check-in during reading weeks
  2. Exam periods
  3. Semester breaks
  4. Off-campus activities approval

Keep These Points in Mind

As of now many students on student/tier 4 visas are attending the required regular check-ins are requested to read these following points-

  • Reading weeks (if it is allowed in the student’s particular course)
  • Exam / assessment periods and semesters break– (students are requested to keep an eye on the university’s website)
  • Off-campus placements, research: This also includes electives, field trips anyother learning activities.
  • Authorised non-appearance – if there is/are some personal reasons for not present at campus during the teaching time (applicable only if the student is ill or any other valid reason) this must be reported to student’s school.

Listed time being check-in processes are kept for under review, to make sure student’s can check-in very quickly.

Many universities are working in UK for Permanent Attendance Monitoring Solution

Many university’s in UK like University of Manchester are working on full on a solid permanent attendance monitoring solution. These universities are working to get this work done very quickly. Though, there are some slight chances that it will take few days to get this work done due to UKVI requirements complexities.

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