Women in Finance Scholarship

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Women in Finance Scholarship

Supporting women in male-dominated fields helps them avail of opportunities which would have been difficult to grab in cases otherwise. To avoid that occurrence, FINCAD’s Women in Finance Scholarship remains committed to supporting emerging women leaders in the sphere of Finance. As the name suggests, this scholarship is directed towards women only; who can be of any age and citizenship. It aims to and succeeds in recognising young women who are pursuing their education and looking to advance their field of concentration and career in finance; particularly financial asset management; derivatives finance within the capital markets or market risk management. If you are interested to know more about the Women in Finance Scholarship, including eligibility criteria and application process, continue reading this blog. 

Awarded by FINCAD
Launched in 2014
Amount US$20,000 (INR 16.5 lakh) (divided 50% between the scholarship winner and the educational institution to directly assist the student)
Host Institution Any accredited university 
Level(s) of Study Masters of Finance or PhD in Finance 
Number of Students Awarded 1
Deadline 30 June (Annual)
Intake Year 2023
Country of StudentAny 
Official Website https://fincad.com/about#women-in-finance

Relevance and Benefits of Women in Finance Scholarship 

Women in Finance Scholarship not only provide women students with the awarded scholarship amount to help them pursue their postgraduate studies in the field of finance, but the scholarship also helps them direct their hard work and energy in the right direction. 

Essentially, the Women in Finance Scholarship work in pursuit of fair women representation in the career fields of male-dominated specialisations, such as Finance, in this case. 

In monetary terms, the awarded student is provided with USD 20,000 (INR 16.5 lakh) which shall be used for educational purposes only. The scholarship is for any woman with any citizenship, which further allows women of any race, creed, or ethnicity, to be represented in the finance field with the help of availing of the Women in Finance Scholarship.

Additionally, it is to note that the scholarship amount awarded to the selected student is split with the educational institution that is used to assist the student directly with their tuition fees.  

Women in Finance Scholarship: Important Dates 

Let’s look at the important timeline for the Women in Finance Scholarship. 

Application DeadlineLast week of June (most likely 30 June)
Result declaration On or Before August 15

Women in Finance Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria 

There are certain requirements which need to be met and verified to be able to apply for the scholarship. The eligibility criteria are mentioned below.

  1. First and foremost, the candidate should essentially be a woman student. 
  2. The student should also be enrolled in a recognised university from the USA, UK, Canada, and more than 230 countries. 
  3. The postgraduate degree that the student is planning to pursue and is enrolled in should be emphasised in Finance, particularly the derivatives in the capital markets, or financial risk management. 
  4. The student should be attending the program full-time. 
  5. The student should also have less than 10 years of total work experience, and less than 5 years of (professional) experience in the field of Finance. 

Documents Required 

Once you cross-check the threshold of being eligible for the Women in Finance Scholarship, you must next be aware of the documents required to apply for the scholarship. These necessary documents are listed below. 

  1. Updated Resume/CV
  2. All official transcripts from undergraduate programs 
  3. Two relevant letters of recommendation 
  4. Authored papers, if applicable 
  5. Confirmation of post-graduate program acceptance 

Application Process 

Now that the women student are aware of the basics; including eligibility criteria, scholarship amount, and the documents required for the application, it’s now time to understand the application process for the Women in Finance Scholarship. Check the pointers below for the same. 

  1. It is recommended that women applicants visit the official website of the Women in Finance Scholarship to get detailed information about applying. 
  2. The women applicants then need to verify the deadlines and make sure they have all the required documents. 
  3. The application that is to be submitted and all the documents must be in English so the women applicants are advised to follow the same guidelines. Transcripts from the university, on the other hand, can be in another language. 
  4. The women applicants will be able to find the scholarship application form on the website itself. 
  5. They will need to sign up and create a password and username to be able to complete the application. 
  6. Once they are done with the application, no other changes can be made. 
  7. Next, the platform shall send a prompt on the receipt of the application. 
  8. Women applicants are not to apply more than once. 
  9. Once all the aforementioned guidelines are met, the application process is complete. 

Past Winners

Some of the past winners of the Women in Finance Scholarship are highlighted below, to share a better glimpse of the potential of this scholarship. 

Name of the Women in Finance Scholarship Winner Year of Award Postgraduate Education 
Diana Laura Alvarez Vizcarra2021MSc in Computational Financial Mathematics – University of Edinburgh
Nora Irene Ghartey 2020MSc in Financial Mathematics – London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
Danjela Guxha2019PhD in Finance; a concentration in asset and risk management –  University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Monica Carrasco Gonzales2018Master’s in Wealth Management – Université de Genève
Shagoon Malhotra2017Master’s in financial engineering – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Q1. What is FINCAD? 

Ans. FINCAD is a company that empowers companies to make informed decisions related to investment. It delivers a full range of derivatives analytics tools to help do that. 

Q2. Who is the founder of Fincad?

Ans. Bob Park is the founder of FINCAD.

Q3. When is international women’s day 2023? 

Ans. International Women’s day 2023 is on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. 

That was all about the Women in Finance Scholarship! Interested to know more about scholarships? Then you can reach out to Leverage Edu experts, and get to know about Study Abroad Scholarships. 

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