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University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate 2024-25

Students wanting to get admission to the University of Ottawa are generally offered to students in three terms. However, students can always apply in the Fall and Winter intakes. Before getting admission to the college, one must note that the acceptance rate is very selective. Every year, only 35 per cent of the students get admitted to this college. Although the University of Ottawa’s acceptance rate changes every year. The University of Ottawa ranks =203 in the QS World Ranking 2024 Read this article to learn more about the University of Ottawa’s acceptance rate. 

Particulars  Details 
Name of the University University of Ottawa
QS World University Rankings 2024 =203
Courses Offered Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma and Microprograms
Scholarship Provided Yes
Official Website https://www.uottawa.ca/en

About the University of Ottawa

Located in the heart of Canada, Ottawa University is also referred to as uOttawa. It is a private Baptist university with its main campus located in Ottawa, Kansas. This is the biggest bilingual university in the world (English and French). This university offers its students with types of programs. These include graduate and post-graduate programs. Some of the programs which are offered to the students are Minors in French, BA specialisation in English, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies and much more. 

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Ottawa University Acceptance Rate: Overview

The term “Acceptance Rate” is a term used to describe the number of students wishing to get admission to a particular university. These students are counted from the number of applications the college receives that particular year. 

The acceptance rate of Humber College reveals both the college’s rate of admission and its level of selection. It also demonstrates how challenging it may be to be admitted to this university.

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Ottawa University Acceptance Rate: Latest Update

A university’s acceptance rate never stays the same. Either it is rising or falling. The University of Ottawa’s acceptance rate for this year is 42 per cent, according to the most recent statistics.

For a thorough study of the facts surrounding the University of Ottawa admissions 2024, see the table below:

Particulars Details 
Total Applicants Undergraduate students- 80,911
Graduate students- 12,912
Applications Accepted Undergraduate students- 9,873
Graduate students- 1,881
International Students Undergraduate students- 7,758Graduate students- 1,941
Acceptance Rate  42 per cent 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for admission at the University of Ottawa, it is very crucial for the student to make sure that they make it through the eligibility criteria. Below are the eligibility criteria which the student will have to meet:

  • The student must have an Ottawa high school diploma with at least six 4U-4M or DU-level courses to get admission to the first year of university.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all prerequisite courses for your chosen programme must be 4U-level courses.
  • Your admission average is always based on the greatest level of mathematics you’ve attempted.
  • The admission average will be determined using the top six interim or final grades in 4U, 4M, or DU courses, including the prerequisites for your desired programme.

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Documents Required

When getting admission in any university it is very implant for the student to have basic documents. Here is the list of documents that will be required by the student to submit during their admission process. 

Application Process

  • Go to the official website of the university.
  • Choose the program, admission requirements, and language requirements.
  • The Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) handles admission applications for all Ontario universities, including the University of Ottawa.
  • The student will have to create an OUAC account when applying for the same. 
  • Finally, submit the application through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC)

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Q1. How long does the University of Ottawa take to announce the decision for application?

A1.The University of Ottawa take a cycle of two in announcing their decision for application. The first cycle is in December and the second one is in May.

Q2. What is the tuition fee for studying at the University of Ottawa?

A2. On average, the tuition fee for studying at the University of Ottawa is 13,000–13,500 CAD or INR 8,08,277–8,39.365 per semester. 

Q3. What is the application fee to get into the University of Ottawa for international students?

A3. The application fee for the undergraduate program is 90 CAD or INR 5,590.

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information regarding the University of Ottawa acceptance rate. 

We hope that this blog gave you all the necessary information regarding the University of Ottawa acceptance rate. Excellent grades alone will not suffice to gain admission to a prominent university. Because of the fierce competition, a flawless application is required. To reach your goals, you can seek the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists who can walk you through the application process.

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