Study Abroad in the US: New Visa Update for International Students

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Study Abroad in the US: New Visa Update for International Students
After the amendment of the new rule, students will not be allowed to enter the US before 30 days. 

Approximately 2,50,000 applications were released in January apart from B1/B2 visa categories. A significant update for international students; universities issuing and accepting I-20 forms before term time which is 12-14 months. New Announcement: Before beginning the course in the US, students can apply for a visa a year before. It was officially announced by the US Bureau of Consular Affairs this week itself that the student’s visa in M and F categories will now be issued a year before. Basically, before the beginning of the academic year, it will be issued. 


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Categories F and M of Visa will be issued in year advance of the beginning date of the I-20 program. It will be helpful for students as they will get more time to apply for Visa. Furthermore, it was stated that students who receive their visa in advance will not be allowed to enter the US 30 days before their program’s beginning date. Moreover, students can schedule their visa appointments in advance for like 120 days before they are admitted to a US University. 

New Visa Update for International Students

Finally, the US Embassy is expecting to receive a high record number of visa applications from Indian Students. Additionally, the US Embassy is hard working to clear the backlog of Visa applications. 

It was announced, earlier this month that some of the visa applications from India will now be able to get appointments in other countries. Moreover, the US Embassy is paying special attention to increasing its staff department and organising special interviews for first-time applicants. 

Documents Required for Applying for Visa

Some of the documents required to apply for a US Visa update are:

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