Study Abroad: How Student Accommodation Can Impact from Welsh Government’s Drive to Improve Rental Market?

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To demolish the malpractices of overpriced rental housing in Wales, the Welsh government is undergoing a long public survey on adequate and affordable housing. This survey is ending on the 15th of September 2023. 

The Government will release a detailed report on issues faced by the people facing difficulty in paying rent. If they are getting adequate housing facilities within this rent. The main objective of this extensive survey is to ensure fairness in the renting system. Amidst the shortage of housing in the UK. 

How International Students can Benefit from the Program? 

After the changes incorporated into the Wales housing system through Renting Homes Act 2016, international students benefitted from the developed laws. With the discussions of adequate and affordable private housing in Wales, UK students again will have a lot to gain and battle the UK housing crisis. 

This survey is to keep a check on rent control measures and especially targets private accommodations. As the number of students entering the UK has increased manifolds, many of these students are choosing private student accommodations for stay during their study abroad journey. 

The hike in need for accommodation also resulted in the overpricing of PBSAs and other types of student accommodations. This study and initiative by the Welsh government will ensure the safety of students against economic exploitations and ensure they are given proper privileges by private property owners. 

Study Abroad: How Student Accommodation Can Impact from Welsh Government’s Drive to Improve Rental Market?

What Rent Control Measures are Planned by the Wales Government?

The country is still in discussions to calculate the feasible changes in the renting system. Through popular public opinions of the locals, the government is going to decide the exact measures to implement the rent control. 

The opinions and issues under discussion include a limit to the amount of rent that a landlord can charge from their tenants. Some of these discussion points might prevent the landlords from further increasing the rent above a decided maximum rent cap. 

In other cases, the rent might become flexible based on the availability of amenities and other bills that are included in the rent. The categorisation of types of tenancies and landlords will also be taken into consideration among other factors of discussion. 

Overall, the Welsh government seems to be constantly addressing the needs and requirements of the people living on private tenancies in Wales. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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