Study Abroad: UK is competing to Capture the Attention of East Asian Students

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The universities in the United Kingdom are facing extreme competition to capture the attention of International students from East Asia due to the popularity of multi-destination applicants, as stated recently by the British Council.

One agent survey found that the number of Chinese students applying for UK institutions and programs has doubled in 2023. Even though the number of outbound students from East Asia has decreased a lot, the UK has better chances than other study abroad destinations. 


However, the British council stated that the other major host markets are showcasing more severe competition as well as regional rivals. The closer study-abroad destinations, such as Hong Kong and Singapore are posing a more severe threat in terms of capturing the attention of Asian Students. This is because the institutions in these two regions offer more affordable and quality education compared to the UK. 

The reports also stated that Australia and Canada are two of the best favourable destinations for international students who are focusing more on post-study work rights and emigration. The director of East Asia insights and Malaysia, Jazreel Goh, stated that competitive advantages should be the primary focus for UK universities if they want to attract East Asian students and stand apart from their competitors. 

Study Abroad: UK is competing to Capture the Attention of East Asian Students

The Enrolment Processes of UK HEIs for East Asian Students

The world-class HEIs, as well as the strong alumni networks and graduate employability opportunities, will be available at an affordable cost. Goh also stated that the listing elements of the UK HEIs should be leveraged properly during the enrollment process of East Asian students. 

As the number of East Asian students as well as international students in the United Kingdom is growing rapidly, some specific reports have started highlighting the proper quality of these enrolments.

Goh also reported that if the UK universities manage to shift their strategic approach, the international and East Asian students will start prioritizing these universities over the local educational colleges. Instead of finding the most students, UK universities should focus on finding the best students. 

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