How To Become A Mobile App Developer?

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how to become a mobile app developer

Can you imagine your life with PayTM, G-Pay, Netflix Mobile or Instagram? Mobile Apps are an inseparable part of our daily lives. Like every technological domain, mobile applications are in constant flux. There is a constant change in the way we tend to communicate to make our lifestyle as convenient as possible. And these alterations are made by experts known as mobile app developers. Wondering how to become one? Read this blog on how to become a mobile app developer and find out!

Do You Know? Presently, the world has 5 different Mobile Operating System platforms namely- Android, iOS, RIM, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. 

Who is a Mobile App Developer?

Before jumping right onto our topic on how to become a Mobile App Developer, let us throw some light on who is a Mobile App Developer? Mobile application developers or also called as App Developers who are not less than the heart and brains behind the functioning and the existence of any kind of apps that we use.  They are also known as software engineers and their primary task or responsibility is to create, to test, and to program apps for mobile phones, and tablets. They are the innovators of the Apps who write computer programs by employing different programming languages like C, C++, C#, or Java. A Mobile App Developer selects any operating system they will be developing an application for. They are fully accustomed to mobile apps development courses. 

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Essential Training and Skills

Another step in the process of acquiring comprehensive knowledge regarding how to become a Mobile App Developer is to understand the fundamental or essential skills required to successfully operate within this field. Skills required are:

  • Exceptional analytical skills to understand user needs for an application.
  • Creativity as a Mobile App Developer constantly thinks to incorporate such features in the app which are user friendly
  • You should have a considerable understanding of technical problems to be able to resolve them quickly.
  • Good Critical thinking skills 
  • Sound knowledge of different programming languages and platforms that are available and don’t just stick to one.
  • Good leadership skills to manage and lead your team to achieve the end goal or target.
  • Good team working spirit as Mobile App Developers generally work in teams
  • Should know about IoT, Cyber Security, and Cross-platform App development.

How to Become a Mobile App Developer: Step by Step Guide

So after knowing about who a Mobile App Developer is and what they do, we can now talk about a step by step guide on how to become a Mobile App Developer. There are a whole bunch of steps involved in the process of becoming a Mobile App Developer. Following are the steps:

Step 1 – Choose a Platform

The foremost stage is to select a Mobile Operating Platform. Currently iOS and Android have established their dominance in this industry with billions of users. 

Step 2 – Gaining Expertise in Coding Skills 

After you are done with selecting a platform to work on, you have to gather knowledge of its fundamentals as well as advanced concepts. For example-

  • If you have narrowed down your choice to an iOS-based platform, you will either need to master Swift or Objective-C. Swift is recommended if you’re planning to work independently and develop your products or applications. But, if you choose to become an iOS app developer for a mobile app company you are recommended to master Objective-C rather than Swift. 
  • If you are planning on creating apps for Android run devices, you need to fully learn Kotlin or Java. For beginners, the starting place to learn Java is via Google’s Android Developer Library. 

Step 3 – Get a Degree 

Yes, if you want to become a Mobile App Developer, it is quintessential to earn a degree in it. Getting a degree can strengthen your expertise in this relevant field of study. You can earn your diploma, bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in Mobile App Development. 

Step 4- Keep on practicing

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Well, we think that it will not only make you perfect in your field but will also make you the master and the conqueror in your chosen field. The important point is that you have to keep on practicing and keep on polishing your skills and level up your coding skills if you want to get hired by a renowned company as a Mobile App Developer.   

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Glance through the below-mentioned table, that will take you through some of the popular courses with its corresponding Universities along with the duration if you wish to earn a degree in Mobile App Development-

Name of the course University Duration
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia, Mobile and Web Development Maynooth University 3 years
Bachelor of Information Technology (Application Development) Deakin University 3 years
Bachelor of Information Technology focus on Mobile App Design (Standard) Academy of Information Technology Pty Ltd 3 years
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Hardware and Software Engineering (Honors) Coventry University 2-3 years
Bachelor of Information Technology – with a major in Web and Mobile App Development Macquarie University 3 years
Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology 2 years
Post-Degree Diploma in Web and Mobile App Design and Development – Developer Stream Langara College  1- 2 years 
Master of Science in Enterprise and Cloud Computing Stevens Institute of Technology 2 years
Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology University of Cincinnati 2 years

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Now that you are familiar with all the important aspects of mobile app development, let’s move a step ahead and understand popular mobile App Development Platforms that you need to keep a tap on if you are interested in knowing how to become a Mobile App Developer:

  • Appcelerator
  • App Machine 
  • App Developer 
  • Good barber
  • GameSalad
  • AppInstitute 
  • Build Fire 
  • Como
  • Verivo Software
  • NativeScript
  • Mobile Roadie
  • Zoho Creator
  • ViziApps
  • Xamarin (Microsoft)
  • Kalypso
  • iBuildApp
  • Zoho Creator

Career Outlook

The world has seen technology making big leaps from giant computers to hand-held devices like mobile phones which need different applications to function efficiently. It is one of the major technological spheres that constantly keeps renewing itself. New apps, for example, keep popping and coming up in Android’s PlayStore or the iOS App Store. There is a cut-throat competition between platforms to release new apps now and then for their users. This competition makes Mobile App Development one of the most profitable areas and fields of study in the world. 

Moreover, around 16% of Mobile App Developers making apps for Android devices earn an estimated $5,000 every month. That is like approx. Rs 3.75,000 in Indian Rupees every month.  On the other hand, data shows that around 25% of Mobile App Developers for iOS-based devices earn a sum of Rs 3,60,000- Rs 4,00,000 (approx.). These are undoubtedly some whopping figures which make this domain one of the most profitable sectors at present. 

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Hope this blog has covered all the important paraments of how to become a mobile app developer. Still, wondering about your choicest University for mobile app development? Leave your worries apart and let our experts at Leverage Edu assist you with the best of their counselling skills. Sign up for your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team now.

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