How to Live Abroad as a Student

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How to Live Abroad as a Student: People from all over the world are growing more and more interested in studying abroad and having an international student experience for a variety of reasons. Some people relocate overseas in order to live in a more tourist-friendly nation, while others do so simply for a change of scenery or to pursue further education. But there are a few things to take care of before truly beginning a new life overseas. In this blog, we have discussed about how to live abroad as a student.


Find out What to Expect

Prior to moving there, it is crucial to understand as much as you can about the nation, its citizens, culture, and way of life in order to be well-prepared for living and studying there. Meet as many students as you can who have been there and can talk to you about their experiences. Your study abroad adviser might be able to provide you with information on previous students’ experiences in the country where you will be studying. Universities typically require returning students to complete a questionnaire. On their websites, many language schools feature an area where former students have posted testimonials. Reading about other students’ experiences and how they adjusted to living abroad might be useful.

Settling In

It’s crucial to become accustomed to your new surroundings if you want to properly settle in at your new location. Go out on your own and explore the city or town you are living in if your school or exchange programme does not provide an orientation or introduction trip. In this situation, a decent guidebook will be your finest travel companion as it will aid in orienting you and allow you to explore the many landmarks and areas of your destination. 

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Safety Concerns

As a novice, you must pay close attention to your safety wherever you study. If your language or exchange programme doesn’t include orientation or local assistance, it’s up to you to research how safe the city is where you’ll be studying. Talk to other students who have been there longer to gain insight into typical safety issues and which areas of the city are best avoided. Additionally, your host family and school may be able to provide you with helpful advice that will help make your stay safer and more enjoyable. Most travel books also warn tourists about typical security hazards and places to stay away from.


There is no better way to become comfortable with your host city and campus than by exploring it on foot, even if you do appear like a complete tourist doing so. Find the most significant structures, stroll about your new community, and visit national parks and museums. Learning how to use public transport in a strange country could be difficult. Fortunately, you may get free maps of the public transport networks in the majority of big cities.

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Top 5 Tips for Feeling at Home Overseas

Following are the top 5 tips to feel at home when you are studying abroad:

Be open to new experiences: Try new activities and get outside of your comfort zone. You’re more likely to discover the nicest features of your new house if you have an optimistic outlook.

Get involved in activities: To meet individuals who share your interests and make friends, join groups and organisations.

Stay in touch with friends and family: Maintain regular contact with the friends and family at home and keep them updated about your life abroad. 

Connect to your culture: Consume and prepare cuisines that make you long for your home. You may find restaurants and grocery stores serving cuisines from all over the world wherever you study.

Take each day as it comes: You may quickly feel at ease and acquainted with your new home by creating modest, doable objectives for yourself and establishing a routine.

Undoubtedly it is difficult to live alone in a different nation far from your relatives. It may often be even more hard to adjust to unfamiliar circumstances. Don’t worry if it takes you a few weeks or perhaps longer to start the routine with confidence. Take your time and move at your own pace. You’ll have a simpler and more enjoyable life as a result. Concentrate on boosting your level of process confidence.

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