Top Hangout Spots near University of Miami

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Top Hangout Spots near University of Miami

For students who have gone through a long and tedious process of admission into their dream college abroad, it can be overwhelming for them to figure out everything on their own about a new city with new people and new cultures. For the students who are soon to be going to visit the renowned University of Miami around the time or are already there, this blog can help you with information about your next visiting place for hangout or chilling out in the region. Interested? Let’s dive in.

About University of Miami

The University of Miami is a renowned and top-rated private research university, situated in Coral Gables, Florida. Founded in 1925 by a group of individuals to promote inter-American studies, the University now boasts as one of the most highly chosen universities by students across the globe. With over 16000 students from across the globe, the University of Miami is a diverse and vibrant academic community. 

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Top Hangout Spots near the University of Miami

Here are some of the best spots near and around the University of Miami where you can chill out with your friends and can also make some memorable joyful moments together. For a refreshing experience outside your hectic academics, these can be the top spots for getting your mind and spirit calm and active again.

South Beach

Top Hangout Spots near University of Miami

Source: Bahamas Air Tours

Just 15 minutes away from the University of Miami, this place offers wide natural beauty and a serene experience to its visitors. It is a world-famous tourist destination which showcases enriching wildlife like turquoise waters, also sandy beaches and extravagant nightlife. If you want to refresh yourself through swimming, sunbathing or just frolicking around this beautiful place, you should hold onto every second. And the most magnificent moment can be caught up during the sunset time of your day, with the beautiful view and serenity around. 

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Wynwood Walls

Source: Wikimedia Commons

To shower your artistic or even not-so-artistic expertise on the walls around the streets must be your childhood fantasy. It provides a place resembling an open-air museum which can be an excellent and enriching visit by an art enthusiast. The walls have been endowed with the arts of well-known artists and painters from around the globe. With trendy cafes and other small local shops, this place can be a beautiful visit by students.

Shops at Merrick Park

Top Hangout Spots near University of Miami

Source: TripAdvisor

Getting students from around the globe to immerse in the native local shops selling varied essentials and luxuries can be a good place to take a stroll and explore the city better. Shops can tell a lot about the history and identity of native citizens and can lead you to know the history and stories around the city. It is a top destination for students and residents around the region. From luxury brands to department stores and speciality shops, these can be useful places to wander around.

Sunset Place

Top Hangout Spots near University of Miami

Source: PROFILE Miami

A well-known and frequently visited shopping destination around the city is the Subset Place Mall. From varied options of eateries including restaurants, cafes, and food courts to a couple of amazing entertainment options, this place can be your most frequently-traveled place in the region. The best thing about the mall is that it takes barely a couple of minutes to reach the University of Miami. If you want to relax with good food or a good theatre movie or just chill out in the outdoor courtyard, this can be your best place to wind up.

Matheson Hammock Park

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In today’s bustling and noisy state of affairs, every individual wants some time away from the business of cities. Situated at the shore of Biscayne Bay, Matheson Hammock Park can provide much-needed serenity and calmness from busy lives. For students, who are often equipped majorly with assignments, projects and tests, the tranquillity of beaches brings some relief. If you like to swim, sit and enjoy the picturesque, have a good picnic with your friends or just like to soak yourself in the beautiful atmosphere, this place can provide all of it.  

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What are the other hangout spots near the University of Miami?

The following are some of the other spots which can be preferred by students:
Wag Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple
PAMM Museum
Giralda Plaza

What is the average fees for the University of Miami?

The average tuition fee of the University of Miami is around USD 55,000 which is INR 4.5 Lakhs.

Is it allowed to have your own car on campus at the University of Miami?

Yes, except for the first-year students, the students are generally allowed to have and bring their car on campus.

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