How to Get into Wharton?

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How to Get into Wharton

The world’s oldest business school, Wharton is the most respectable and the leading college for business studies in the world. It has an exceptional alumni list of the world’s greatest business tycoons and finest CEOs, Sundar Pichai, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump to name a few. Wharton ranks 1st in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2020 and is also a part of the Ivy League Colleges. Founded by the industrialist- Joseph Wharton in 1881, the college provides students with its unmatched MBA program which makes it stand ahead of other business schools in the world. Wondering how to get into Wharton? Read this blog to find out!

Wharton MBA Program Highlights

What is the program duration? How many credits are there in Wharton MBA? What is the curriculum like? These are some common question any student willing to sign up for a course would have. Refer to the table given below and you will be good to go:

Program Duration 20 Months + 3.5 Months Summer Internship
Classes Year 1 (August – May)
Year 2 (September – May)
Credits Total – 19
Core – 9.5
Major – 5.0
Elective – 4.5
Majors and Programs 18 Majors (Students can opt for 2 majors)
Campus Philadelphia

Eligibility Criteria

As we explore various steps in this blog, let’s begin with the basic requirements that’ll be useful for your process for how to get into Wharton.

  • To begin with the core requirements, you need a strong GMAT/GRE score and a satisfactory GPA to get into Wharton. The average GRE score is 163 (Verbal) and 162 (quantitative section). The GPA for class 2020 was a 3.6. The average GMAT score required is 730.
  • TOEFL or PTE Academic test is required for all non-native English speakers
  • Academic Transcripts
  • A prior experience in a company (4 years average)
  • Apart from the above mentioned requirements, Wharton leaves no stone unturned in its search for the best applicants who possess qualities of leadership, management, marketing and other soft skills. 

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Academic Procedure & Documents Required

The Following steps are given to help you with your process of how to get into Wharton:

  • Application Checklist – Background Information (Contact Information, DOB, Academic Degrees, Professional Experience, Family Information, Prior conviction Information) 
  • Application Fee for the MBA program is $275
  • Essay
    – What do you hope to gain professionally from the Wharton MBA? (500 words)
    – Taking into consideration your background – personal, professional, and/or academic – how do you plan to make specific, meaningful contributions to the Wharton community? (400 words)
    – Optional essay: Describe yourself/certain events in your life in detail with information not mentioned anywhere else on your resume.
  • Academic Transcripts: Transcripts of all academic degrees received at the bachelorette/undergraduate level and beyond.
  • Letter of Recommendation: This section is divided into two parts
    – Please provide examples that illustrate why you believe this candidate will find success in the Wharton MBA classroom. (Word count: 300)
    – Please provide examples that illustrate why you believe this candidate will find success throughout their career. (Word count: 300)
  • Two Letters of Recommendations are required and the recommenders should be current/former supervisors and well acquainted with the applicant’s performance in a work setting.
  • GMAT and GRE scores should be not older than 5 years.
  • TOEFL or PTE Academic test is required for all non-native English speakers. The test dates shouldn’t be older than 2 years. (Applicants who have had their primary language of instruction as English during high school are considered as proficient in English)
  • Resume: Highlight Functional Job skills, Experience, Leadership and Management skills.
  • Scan the important parts of the documents clearly and it shouldn’t exceed 10 MB.
  • Interview: Once selected, you will be invited to participate in the  Wharton MBA Team Based Discussion (TBD). This essential discussion helps the applicant to express themselves freely. Make sure you’re candid and be confidently original with your conversation. Open your horizons on your passion and freely let them out. It usually goes on for 35 minutes where you can interact with 4-5 (randomly assigned) MBA applicants in a team. You will be given a situation and a purpose for you to collectively solve. Prepare on your personal skills and strengths and stay calm. 

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Do I need to hire an Admissions consultant to get into Wharton?

Since Wharton practices transparency in their admission process and other fields, hiring a paid admission consultant is looked down upon by the college administration. You could make your family member an admission consultant who is acquainted with your practical experience.

When should I apply and when is the application deadline?

Divided into 3 rounds, the deadline for each is:
Round 1: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Round 2: Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Round 3: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I already have an MBA, can I apply to the Wharton Program?

Yes, Wharton is open to applications for candidates who already have an MBA degree provided you state a genuine reason for taking up another degree.

What should I know about the GMAT and GRE tests?

The GRE and GMAT are computer adaptive tests held around the year and it is  recommended that you apply for the test 2 weeks before your application procedure. Test codes for the MBA Program are GMAT: G56-97-73 ; GRE: 6802

I have less than your average four years of work experience. Is this a disadvantage in the admissions process?

The college administration is more focused on the skills developed than the number of years of experience. Work on your management and leadership qualities , be confident about your passion and make sure you converse it in the best way possible.

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