Best Restaurants Near University of Minnesota

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Best Restaurants near University of Minnesota

Home to a rich culture and diverse student population, the University of Minnesota is not only known for its academic excellence but also its great food offerings. The area surrounding the university delivers various culinary options and a fantastic dining experience. The culinary landscape near the University of Minnesota is a delightful journey in itself with flavourful food and unforgettable memories. International, national, fusion or classic every bite will satisfy your palate. Whether you are a student craving juicy burgers during your lunch break or a visitor exploring the food scene, the area near the University of Minnesota has covered it all. In this blog, we will talk about some top-rated restaurants near the University of Minnesota.


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Top 5 Restaurants Near the University of Minnesota 

Some of the best restaurants near the University of Minnesota are: 

Afro Deli & Grill 

Located near the university, Afro Deli & Grill offers a fusion of African and American cuisine. The restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere and community engagement making it popular among the students and locals. The dishes are flavourful and aromatic. Starting from appetiser to a wholesome dinner, everything is offered in Afro Deli & Grill. 

Image Source: Afro Deli

Address: 720 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States

Contact: +1 612-871-5555

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Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers  

All your cravings for juicy crispy chicken tenders will end in Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. It is located on the corner of the university. It is a fast food joint focussing exceptionally on chicken fingers. Their high-quality chicken fingers are perfect with their famous Cane sauce. Their serving is quick and satisfying and you will always want for more. 

Image Source: Schreiber Mullaney

Address: 3000 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406, United States

Contact: +1 612-378-3243

Mesa Pizza 

Whether you need a quick bite or to satisfy your midnight craving, Mesa Pizza has got you covered. This pizza joint is known for its creative, massive slices of a unique selection of Pizza with exceptional taste to fulfil your cravings. From classic to creative toppings, Mesa Pizza Carter’s every palate. 

Image Source: Mesa Pizza 

Address: 1323 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States

Contact: +1 612-436-3006 

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Blue Door Pub 

Blue Door Pub is a popular neighbourhood located near the University of Minnesota. It is a well-known place for its authentic and mouth-watering burgers with a creative twist on traditional food. It has a cosy environment making it comfortable for people to sit and eat. One of the signature dishes, The Blucy is a must-try as it is a combination of various oozy fillings and flavourful toppings. The Pub has a vintage atmosphere that adds to the charm and makes it popular among students making it a perfect outing spot. The place is inviting and relaxed making it a memorable experience for all. 

Image Source: thebdp.com

Address: 1514 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States 

Contact: +1 612-36-4964

Stub and Herbs

Stub & Herbs are your typical college campus bar, with a broad variety of beers and burgers and appetisers. It’s conveniently located directly on campus and is ideal for grabbing a bite to eat with friends on a Friday night. If a University of Minnesota game is on, here is the place to be, as there are TVs surrounding the walls where students can watch the big game. Happy hour is a terrific time to go because you can get excellent bargains on everything from beers to appetisers.

Image Source: Twin Cities Business

Address: 227 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States

Contact: +1 612-379-0555

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Q1. Is Minneapolis a foodie place? 

Ans. Yes, Minneapolis ranks among the best food cities in the world. 

Q2. What is the rating for Pagoda Dinkytown? 

Ans. Pagoda Dinkytown is now permanently closed.

Q3. What is another place to have authentic Chinese cuisine? 

Ans. Shuang Cheng Restaurant is a place to have authentic Chinese cuisine. It is located at 1320 4th St. SE.

This was all about the best restaurants near the University of Minnesota. For more such interesting and informative blogs, keep following Leverage Edu. If you are curious about how to study abroad at this university, then you can reach out to our experts!

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