Top Hangout Spots near the University of Cincinnati

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Top Hangout Spots near the University of Cincinnati

The USA is one of the most popular places for students to study abroad. The nation is renowned for offering top-notch education and is home to major colleges that are well-known throughout the world. The University of Cincinnati is one of the most well-known of these. Many students dream to study at the university. It is renowned for its excellent programmes and courses. In addition to that, the nightlife in this area gives students the right motivation and reasons to study here. Students can hang out in a variety of places around the University of Cincinnati to relax and have some fun. Student hangouts are important parts of their lives because there are various dynamics that occur there, from peers to pals. Now let’s look at these top hangout spots near the University of Cincinnati. 

Top Hangout Spots near the University of Cincinnati

The following are the top hangout spots near the University of Cincinnati:

  • O’Malleys in the Alley 
  • Hooters
  • Tokyo Kitty
  • Ghost Baby
  • Galactica Cantina 

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O’Malleys in the Alley 

Source: O’Malleys in the Alley

O’Malleys in the Alley is located downtown. It is a great Irish bar with a great food menu and not to forget drinks. Since it is an Irish bar, some eclectic Irish beer becomes mandatory. The place has an active atmosphere with not too loud music and a friendly crowd to make new friends and have meaningful conversations. You can either stop for some snacking of fries, wings and pretzels or stay till late night hours to enjoy the vibe. 


Source: The Business Journals

Hooters is typically a sports bar that is known for its quick service and great management of the crowd. The place serves good portions of delicious food. It is a place where you can celebrate small occasions with your friends like becoming the class president. The place is situated in an amazing location from where you could enjoy some beautiful views while having a great meal.

Tokyo Kitty

Source: Cincinnati CityBeat

One of the newest bars in Cincinnati, Downtown, Tokyo Kitty offers a unique urban atmosphere decorated with neon lights to reflect the nightlife culture of Japan. There is even a mirror room where you can click some good photos with your friends for social media. The music is just perfect to match the vibe of the place. They have a variety of food options and drinks, cocktails are quite affordable for students. There is a karaoke bar as well like the ones in series and movies to showcase your singing talent. 

Ghost Baby

Source: Cincinnati CityBeat

It’s Ghost Baby!! One of the most popular hangout spots among the students of the University of Cincinnati. It has a fun, historic vibe. The place hosts live music events like jazz, and the volume is kept low so people can enjoy the essence of the music and the vibe of the place in dim lights. The place is quite ideal for your first date events. The variety of drinks is impressive and the food is delicious. It is basically everything you would want in a bar. Definitely is a place to visit with some special people and make some memories. 

Galactica Cantina 

Source: The Business Journals

Galactica Cantina is another recently opened bar in Over-the-Rhine (OTR). It is basically like a popup bar based on a Star Wars theme. The ambience is literally immersive and offers lip-smacking food. There are many varieties of beers. And for non-beer fans, there is a pour-you-own-cocktail option which is incredible. Many options are available for non-alcoholic mates as well. What could be a better place to have a Star Wars experience and enjoy combos of food and drinks?

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Peaceful Hangout Spots near the University of Cincinnati

  • Brunet Wood – It is the definition of nature. It is ideal to spend some relaxing time alone or to take a break from a hectic schedule. You can also go for a picnic here with your friends. There are some open trails if you wish to go for a small trek. The best part is the lake from where the view is just breathtaking
  • Bellevue Park- If you are a sunset-lover then you will fall in love with this place. Those amazing sunset pictures on Google are probably from here. The best location to end your day and enjoy the night view. A little tip, it is ideal to take someone out on a date here!
  • The 86 Cafe – If you want to spend some time inside, then this is the place for you. The staff here is quite friendly and makes the best coffee around. Many students visit here and stay for long study breaks. It offers the best aesthetics around the campus to get you the best pictures. 

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1 Where do people hang out in Cincinnati?

The following are the top hangout spots near the University of Cincinnati:
O’Malleys in the Alley are Hooters, Tokyo Kitty, Ghost Baby and Galactica Cantina.

2 What is the acceptance rate of the University of Cincinnati?

The acceptance rate of the University of Cincinnati is 84.8%

3 What are the popular restaurants around the University of Cincinnati?

Popular restaurants around the University of Cincinnati are Meritage, Chick Fil -A and Keystone Bar and Grill Clifton.

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