TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 10 (Organisation Questions)

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Listening Task 10 (Organisation Questions)

These questions assess your ability to understand the structure and organization of a spoken passage, such as a lecture or a conversation.


Tips to Remember

  • Try to grasp the main idea and how the different pieces of information are connected. 
  • Determine why specific information is mentioned. Is it to provide background information, give examples, support an argument, or explain a concept?
  • Recognize Transition Words and Phrases.These words signal shifts in the structure and help you understand the flow of ideas.
  • Think about how different pieces of information relate to one another. Are they supporting a common theme, contrasting with each other, or presenting a cause-and-effect relationship?
  • Pay attention to the context provided by the questions. Sometimes, the specific focus of the organization question may guide you in identifying how the information is structured.

Why does the professor mention glucose levels in the blood?

a. To describe what happens when you eat too much

b. To provide a relevant example of the body responding to a stimulus

c. To prove that the body responds to external stimuli

d. To cast doubt on the idea that the body reacts when there is a stimulus

Correct Answer: B 

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