TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on Environmental Science (Climate Change)

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TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on Environmental Science (Climate Change)

Brainstorming Ideas

Refer to the following brainstorming ideas to get a solid understanding of the answer.


Steps that can be taken to reduce carbon footprint:

  • Modify your diet by consuming less meat and focusing more on plant-based food.
  • Reduce energy consumption at home.
  • Choose sustainable transportation such as walking, cycling or using public transport.

Q. Your professor is teaching a class on Environmental Science. Write a post responding to the professor’s question.

In your response, you should do the following:

  1. Express and support your personal opinion.
  2. Make a contribution to the discussion in your own words. 

An effective response will contain at least 100 words.

Professor Question: Climate change is a pressing issue. What steps can individuals take to reduce their carbon footprint?

Ans. Climate change is indeed one of the pressing issues and each of us must take responsibility for our part in it. One of the most effective ways individuals can combat climate change is by reducing their carbon footprint. To do so one must modify their diet by consuming less meat, particularly beef and focus more on plant-based foods. For instance, a study by the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from our diet can reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by 73%. In addition to this, reducing energy consumption at home is another effective step.

This can be achieved by using energy-efficient appliances, reducing the use of air conditioning and heating and using renewable energy sources wherever possible. Moreover, choosing sustainable transportation also helps. This includes things like walking, cycling or using public transport instead of driving and choosing to fly less. To conclude, while climate change is a global problem, individual action can also make a significant difference. By making conscious choices in our diet, energy use, and transportation, we can all contribute to the solution. 

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