Study in US: SCC to Offer Student Housing At These Campus; Know More!

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The international students will get benefits while living on campus. International students live on campus and reap the benefits.

On-campus housing will soon be available at all three Southeast Community College campuses, in Beatrice Campus, located in the USA. This will enhance SCC’s promise to create a ‘Path to Possible’ for each and every student. 


There are many international students who choose campus living, which in turn helps the college reap benefits. 

In the exclusive province of four-year universities, more than 25 per cent of the community colleges nowadays provide on-campus housing. Increased enrollment is the driving force but at the same time, students who live on campus get many benefits. 

Benefits Students Get Living On Campus 

A national study commissioned by the Association of College and University Housing Officers has done some studies. These studies suggest that living on campus at four-year institutions increases persistence. It also increases engagement among students who come from all backgrounds.

Study in US: SCC to Offer Student Housing At These Campus; Know More!

Studies also suggest that students are more likely to participate in academic activities which helps them to get better grades. Other than this, students also have improved retention as well as feel safe. 

Historically a commuter campus, SCC’s Lincoln Campus wants students to have a reason to linger and interact. 

The architectural design of the new Woodhaven Hall which is situated on the Lincoln Campus is proposed to build a community. 

Other than this, suite-style rooms offer shared and single bedrooms which are connected to a common area. Students can also avail of the cafeteria facility or instead use Woodhaven Hall’s complete kitchen.

Students also get the facility of social events ranging from movie nights to cornhole tourneys. 

The students will get almost everything they need for academic and personal life within walking distance. They get easy access to student services, advisors, mental health programs and much more. 

This 246-bed building will be opening in January 2024 which will have 100 per cent occupancy by August. 

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