Study in UK: University of Exeter to Increase Student Accommodation Massively; Know How

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University of Exeter to Increase Student Accommodation Massively; This new scheme will result in an increase of 1,769 beds for students.

Plans are underway for student accommodation on the Streatham Campus for the University of Exeter. These plans have been given the green light to go ahead. This will eventually lead to an increase in student accommodation and will help in resolving this issue in the UK.  The Exeter City Council’s planning committee have been asked by the officers to approve the plans. 

Study in UK: University of Exeter to Increase Student Accommodation Massively;  Know How

The University’s plans for the development of the Clydesdale, Nash and Birks Grange Village Halls of Residence site off Stocker Road could deliver an additional 1,250 bedrooms. This Exeter City Council’s planning committee supported the plan back in 2021. 

In addition to this, new plans have come up which need approval. These plans are even bigger. The new scheme would lead to a net increase of 1,769 student spaces. With this, a total of 2,061 new beds will be built for the students. After the 292 beds will be demolished this project will take place.

Facilities Which Will be Provided

There are also plans where the West Park Project is planning to convert all bedrooms in Birks Grange Village A-E from catered to self-catered flats. It will also include the creation of new kitchens, the remodelling of old bedrooms and other facilities.

Within Birks Grange Village, this new project will soon replace ‘Birks Grange Central’. It will include a refectory, new self-catered student accommodation as well as a recreational centre for students. 

This will ensure that any space removed in the conversion of building A to E will be rebuilt within the new Central building. While other self-catered flats will meet the demands of on-campus accommodation. It will also decrease pressure on private off-campus accommodation in the city. 

The rise in student residences will help in fulfilling the growing demand from students for on-campus accommodation, self-catered accommodation which provides students with a high standard of living experience and more.

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