Study in UK: 3 University of Plymouth International Scholarships for UG Students for Academic Year 2024-25 

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The University of Plymouth is offering 5 international scholarships to students. The scholarships are valid for the academic year 2024-25 only. Universities have launched scholarships to recognize outstanding achievements and alleviate students’ concerns about funding their education. These scholarships predominantly take the form of tuition fee discounts. However, the eligibility and benefits vary depending on the scholarship type. Interested students can apply for these scholarships before the deadline. The University of Plymouth ranks between  551 and 600 in the world. Hence, it is an excellent university to study abroad.


Top 3 University of Plymouth International Scholarships for UG Students 

Study in UK: 3 University of Plymouth International Scholarships for UG Students for Academic Year 2024-25 

Undergraduate International Student Scholarship

The Undergraduate International Student Scholarship is an international scholarship that recognizes the academic achievement of students. To be eligible, the applicant must achieve a grade above the academic offer, and meet the English language requirements of the university. The scholarship benefit is an amount of  £2000 discount on tuition fees. No application is necessary for the scholarship.

International Academic Excellence Scholarship

The International Academic Excellence Scholarship is available to international students. The scholarships are available to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. The benefit is 50% off the successive year’s tuition fee. That is if the student maintains a grade of 70% or more. To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the English language requirements, have an outstanding academic record, and must have obtained an unconditional or conditional offer letter. The deadline for application is 30 June for September entry and  30 November for January entry.

International Undergraduate Gold Scholarship, School of Psychology

The International Undergraduate Gold Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement in the School of Psychology. The scholarship benefit is an amount of £4,000 off your tuition fees in the first year. Furthermore, students who maintain a score of 60% or above are eligible to receive a 10% reduction in successive year tuition fees. Similarly, a 20% discount on the successive year’s tuition fee can be obtained if a score of 70% or above is maintained. No application is necessary. 

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